Depression and Anxiety, Causes, Prevention and Treatment

The word depression has become part of our language and its use is very common because in this era of chaos, anxiety, economic problems and anxiety, everyone needs a little bit of anxiety, depression, frustration, etc. which they call depression. Let’s name it. If it is not properly controlled, then it becomes a dangerous psychological disease which makes the body of a person sick with psychological illness.

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There can be various causes of depression. In this material age of chaos, everyone is looking for the best and utilizes all sorts of legitimate and legitimate resources for it. If the results turn out to be not what he expected, then the person suffers from anxiety and depression and becomes depressed. In the presence of test failures, domestic depression, loss of love, chronic and chronic illnesses, financial problems, etc., one easily suffers from neurological stress and is suffering from depression all the time.


Depression suffers from anxiety all the time. He doesn’t seem to mind in anything. It seems that the world has been resurrected and everything seems meaningless. If not treated properly, then the depression becomes longer and its effects begin to appear throughout the body. Sometimes one distress begins and another begins. No kind of medicine works.

Treatment and Prevention:

Belief in god

People who have perfect faith in Allah and believe in everything from God to their heart, are never depressed. They turn to God in the event of any distress, trouble, failure, and seek His help. Apply to God to avoid psychological confusion and distress such as depression. Trust it In any case, approach it as such. Insha’Allah will never be a problem and depression will not come near you.

Identify yourself

God sent every human being into this world for a specific purpose. No item was made aimless. Almighty Allah is very important to you. Learn your importance and try to understand and accomplish that goal. Do your job wholeheartedly and honestly. Insha Allah problems will be resolved automatically.

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Make your own decisions

People who make decisions about their own lives are always happy. The right decision is very important for success. Before making any decision, consider all aspects of it. Ask God to guide you to the right path. Make a decision in the name of Allah and just spend all your energy to make it last. Inshallah, success will kiss you. Trusting in God and recognizing yourself and making your own decisions can help you avoid depression and other such psychological complications.

What Is Anxiety Mental Anxiety, How Can It Be Avoided?

Nowadays, in the era of chaos, everyone suffers from envy or anxiety. In some areas of life, the servant suffers from anxiety because of a problem. Women get upset and anxious very quickly and easily.


The following may be the causes of anxiety, anxiety, or anxiety:

1. Hereditary effects, 2. lymphatic diseases, 3. Social conditions, 4. Unemployment, 5. Financial and financial problems, 6. Domestic confusion and problems, 7 Love and marriage failure, 8. Failure to test.


In a state of anxiety and anxiety, the servant is extinguished. Restless peace lasts. Heart to be alone Every time there is a fear of some unknown being and the servant is worried. Eating doesn’t take heart. China comes in and out of the house. These symptoms can be accompanied by some physical symptoms.

These include chest pains, rapid pulse movement, difficulty breathing, loss of appetite, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, frequent urination, etc. With these symptoms, a person seems genuinely sick and does not even think that the real problem is in the brain and needs immediate treatment. In this case, people now run to fake causes and toddlers who not only vacate their pockets but also put on permanent disease, taking advantage of the people’s weak isolation.

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Controlling anxiety or anxiety

Anxiety is characterized by a growing psychological and physical ailment that requires regular treatment. Therefore it is important to start treatment immediately in the case of a doctor. To control anguish or anxiety, follow the following thousand principles:

-1 Trust in Allah: – People who believe in Allah and ask Him for help at all times are rarely worried or upset. So ask Allaah for help when starting any task. Do your job honestly and leave the result to God.

-2 Work for Today: – For those wishing to succeed, this is a message that you should do your work today with integrity and integrity. Don’t miss out on your own. Inshallah success will become their destiny and they will not be disturbed.

-3 Daily Program: -When you get up every morning, make a program by praying Fajr prayer, do daily work accordingly. Things that are more important and important Give them priority and priority. Check your emotions daily at work as well. Don’t let your thoughts spread. Remove feelings of hate, anger, regret, and jealousy from your heart. Feelings of love, joy, love and cooperation are at heart

Years. This will satisfy your mind. If pleased, the servant is never upset or upset.

-4 Relaxation: – Relax yourself physically. Relax completely, leaving the body loose whenever the day comes. This will give the body calmness as well as peace of mind.

-5 Always Be Happy: – Try to be happy. Treat everyone with a sincere moral. Win the hearts of others with your happy morals. Keep an eye on the positive aspects of everything. This will never make your mind suffer. Must help someone in need daily. This will make your own tasks easier.

6. Emotional Diary: – Create a diary that records your daily emotions. It also mentions elements that contribute to cooling emotions. This diary will help you understand and overcome your emotions.

Diet Part 7: Keep your diet balanced. Avoid overly spicy and fatty and fatty foods because eating such nutrients does not work.

-8 Many hobbies: – The empty mind is the devil’s grip, so it is important to keep yourself busy in some construction work or social work. Anxiety and anxiety can be completely avoided by following these principles.

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There are times when psychological confusion also manifests as illness. In this connection, the story of an old patient was recalled, a young man had been completely disabled for a few days. The family thought the stroke was an attack and that was why the disease entered the nerve ward. Upon check-up, she looked good and no disease was detected.

Further inquiries revealed that the woman was actually five months pregnant. She has lost her pregnancy twice before. Now, for the third time, she was suffering from severe depression and anxiety, and when she fell asleep two or three days ago, it seemed that there was no life in the legs at all. Tried a lot but didn’t get up.

He was later taken to the hospital. Well after a few days of psychotherapy and exhortation, he was practiced to run and after a few days, he himself went home and rectified. When neurological stress exceeds the threshold for various types of psychological confusion and anxiety, then it appears in some form of physical illness and it feels like the person is suffering from a real illness.

Such lying disorders include asthma, heartburn joints pain, digestive disorders, skin diseases, disabilities, seizures, and more. The most important thing in treating lying disorders caused by psychological confusion, etc., is to identify the psychological cause that causes the disease. It is very important for the patient to be fully confident. The patient, taken in complete confidence, is very easy to treat and tells him everything about himself.

Such people need special reason and support. It is the responsibility of the doctor as well as family members and other people living or working with this patient to take full care of him. Don’t do anything or anything that might make her feel hurt. In such cases the use of medications should be advised by a doctor as the side effects of the medication may increase the disease.

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Use of drugs in depression and mental anxiety

Nowadays, in the era of chaos, chaos, depression, anxiety and anxiety, everyone is looking for some kind of artificial support. The same is true for relaxation medications that are either used for relaxation or for insomnia, anesthesia. These medicines actually interrupt the brain function for a while and make the person feel calm, but then if these drugs are used too much, then it does not go away without them and then the slave becomes their slave. Is left For these reasons cases of drug dependence are increasing. In the end the result appears to be intoxicating, so it is important to avoid all these medications that give fake comfort and timely sleep and sometimes not sleep due to excessive anxiety, anxiety or excessive fatigue. There is no harm in taking light sleep medication but it is important to consult a doctor.

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Easy and alternative treatment

All tranquilizers provide artificial support. Although they may provide timely calm but subsequently become worse, it is important to avoid the use of these drugs. Complaints of anxiety and insomnia are common due to anxiety, mental disturbances, various social and psychological problems. To avoid all such worries, the best and most spiritual way is to turn to God. You are upset Don’t worry Do wudoo. After praying two rak’ahs, pray to Allah, and fall down before Allah. Ask for solutions to your problems. Seek the mercy of Allah. May Allah bless you and solve the problem.

The biggest problem is lack of sleep. Which everyone has to face sometimes in life. There may be various reasons for not getting sleep, it is important to cure these causes. Do not use any medication if you are not asleep. Follow these simple solutions:

Relax yourself physically and mentally before you sleep. Eat dinner with hunger. Then take a short walk.

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Cold mouth

Make an empty stomach with an apple, a glass of milk or a country shake.

– Cashews are not less than a tonic in general depression and neurological weakness. Cashew vitamin B is available from the B group. Eat especially in winter.

It’s best to take a bath before going to bed. It will give a refreshing feeling.

۔ Your bedroom should be nice, clean and well ventilated.

There is a spiritual benefit to doing the following operations before sleep. Try to calm down.

Bedtime operations at night

The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) once told Hazrat Ali. O Ali! Sleep five times a day for five nights.

1-1000 thousand dinars to charity and soy.

2 – Read a Qur’an and sleep.

– Soybean with the price of paradise.

-4 Make peace between two fighters.

-5 Make a pilgrimage to sleep.

Hazrat Ali submitted or Messenger of Allah! This is a matter of course. Then the Holy Prophet said:

1-Do it four times in Surah Fatiha, ie, Praise be to Allaah. His reward will be the equivalent of four thousand dinars.

2- Thrice of the Qur’an: Read Allah and sleep.

Four times, read the Durood Sharif and pay the price of soya karo paradise.

4 – Read it ten times and soak it; the reconciliation between the two fighters will be equal reward.

-5 After reading the third word four times, soya karo will be rewarded for one pilgrimage.

Upon hearing this, Hazrat Ali (as) said: ‘O Messenger of Allah! Now I will do this operation daily and soy.

6. Whenever anxiety, disappointment, fear of failure, illness spread beyond bounds, read the following verse five times immediately and first and last.

اَمَّنْ يُّجِيْبُ الْمُضْطَرَّ اِذَا دَعَاہُ وَيَشْفُ السُّوْئ

Translation: (Who is he when the callless and the impatient call him, he accepts the prayer and relieves the trouble).

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