Deaths due to non-compliance with SOPs are on the rise, Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said, “I will now review the SOPs from the Prime Minister’s House. Unfortunately, deaths due to corona virus are on the rise in Pakistan.”

Talking about the current situation caused by Corona virus in Islamabad, he said that smart lockdown is the only solution in Pakistan as India imposed severe lockdown but now it is gradually easing.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that corona virus did not spread rapidly in Pakistan, why Pakistan survived today because we did not lock down completely and quickly activated the construction sector.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the number of corona virus cases would increase dramatically in the month of July.

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“Farmers were given complete freedom to continue working on the commodity. We distributed cash to poor families, which overcame the major difficulties,” he said.

Imran Khan said that “unfortunately due to non-compliance of SOPs, deaths are increasing in Pakistan now, the rate of cases is on the rise”.

The Prime Minister said that this is a difficult time, the difficulties will be less for the nations that will face it together.

PM Imran Khan said, “People used to say that India has a good lockdown, but the fact is that the poor have retreated and cases and deaths are on the rise. India is now coming to the same conclusion where I and my team And that is Smart Lockdown.

He said that people’s lives should be saved by following SOPs. He hoped that if they were careful from now on, the difficult time that is coming to other countries would not come.

Referring to various services, PM Imran Khan said that in view of the situation created as a result of severe lockdown, 34% of the households in India would not have survived if they had not been provided assistance in two weeks.

He said that 30 million youths lost their jobs but the lockout did not make any difference to the affluent class.

The Prime Minister said that in order to meet strictly on SOPs, action would be taken against those who acted irresponsibly along with the administration and Tyker Force and the concerned area would be sealed under Smart Lockdown. Will

In addition, they are developing special packages for health works.

Addressing the medical staff, Imran Khan said, “I know you are at high risk of contracting the virus. The government will provide all possible assistance.”

“We have decided that all hospitals will have data managers to collect information or relevant data on the basis of which important decisions will be made,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that there were only 2 testing laboratories in Pakistan and today there were 107. When the virus started, it had a capacity of only 500 tests and today we can do 25,000 tests in 4 hours.

He said that now Pakistan has the capacity of 1.2 million tests.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that when people started getting infected with the virus, then there were 2800 ventilators in Pakistan but now there are 4,800 ventilators.

He said that there is a shortage of ventilators all over the world while emphasis is being laid on the manufacture of ventilators in Pakistan but no success has been achieved so far.

Imran Khan further said that the number of ICU beds was from 600 to 1300 now while there is a shortage of experienced medical staff required for ICU beds which special courses are being conducted to remove them as soon as possible.

“We will soon increase the number of oxygen beds to 2,000, 1,000 beds by June and 1,000 oxygen beds in July,” he said.

PM Imran Khan said that our teams review the situation on a daily basis.

Finally, he said, “I see indifference to corona at the public level. Ask people and they say we have not seen any corona virus patient. This is a disappointing attitude of the people.”

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