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Deadly lung damage from corona virus revealed

The new novel coronavirus causes severe damage to the lungs by altering genetic and molecular levels. This was revealed in a new medical study.

The study compared the lungs of seven patients who died from the flu and code 19.

And the results confirmed 2 things that were being hinted at earlier.

The first confirmation was that the corona virus invades the endothelium, a tissue in the arteries, and the second confirmation is that damage to that tissue can lead to blood clots or blood clots.

The researchers said that the blood of COD 19 patients begins to thicken easily, which makes it difficult to use tubes to deliver medicines and fluids.

Similarly, blood clots in Code 19 patients greatly increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

In fact, when scientists examined the lungs of Code 19 patients under a microscope, they discovered tiny dark microclimates.

Patients who die from the flu also have such clots, but those who contract code 19 are nine times more likely to have them.

In addition to blood vessel infections and small blood clots, the scientists also discovered a third problem in the arteries of Code 19 patients, which shows how serious their disease was.

They discovered that the blockage of arteries by blood clots reduced their volume to less than human hair and that these arteries were important for the exchange of gas in the lungs.

When blood clots from the lungs are longing for a blood supply, these tiny arteries divide in the middle for survival so that blood can reach the affected areas.

The researchers said that this is the body’s emergency method used to transfuse blood.

The study found that such distribution in blood vessels was twice as high as in flu patients.

Researchers believe that this increases the risk of circulatory problems and may cause harm rather than help.

Steven Mentzer, a researcher at Bergham and Women’s Hospital in the United States, said the findings help explain why some patients’ lungs are so damaged after the initial symptoms.

He said the virus appears to cause more damage to the blood vessels in the lungs than to the airways and walls.

“We have never seen this in other viruses, although I am not a virologist,” he added.

Other scientists say the findings could help further research.

Scientists involved in the study also said the findings would open the door to further research into the blood vessels in COD 19 patients and pave the way for new ways to protect patients with blood clotting problems. I can help

Now that the researchers plan to investigate damage to other organs and parts of the body, they also hope it will help them understand other symptoms, such as code tweezers and others.

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