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Daily Eat one apple get away from doctor and eat two apple protect from deadly diseases

‘Eating an apple daily keeps the doctor away because the nutrients in the apple protect the human from various diseases, but medical science has done another new research in this regard.

Research by experts has slightly changed the saying of eating one apple a day, as eating two apples can have many more benefits.

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According to recent research, eating two apples daily can reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease.

Eating two apples daily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease such as stroke, experts say.

The study selected 40 people who were exposed to high cholesterol, experts say, and they were fed 4 apples a day, and eight weeks later we got amazing results.

When these 40 people tested cholesterol levels eight weeks later, that was down to about four percent.

This study by the University of Sheffield has been published in the American General of Clinical Nutrition.

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As we all know, high cholesterol in the blood can lead to dangerous diseases like heart disease and stroke, but experts say that eating two apples daily reduces bad blood cholesterol

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