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Curfew imposed in Makkah and Medina for 24 hours

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia imposes curfew for 24 hours in holy cities of Mecca and Medina to curb the spread of the Corona virus.

So far, 1885 people have been affected and 21 people have been killed due to corona virus in Saudi Arabia.

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According to a news agency Reuters, a statement issued by the Saudi Interior Ministry said that during the curfew, some key people would be allowed to leave their homes and buy food and medicine.

The curfew has been implemented in Saudi Arabia since Thursday and the curfew will remain in force until the next order comes.

According to the news agency Al Arabiya, the Saudi Interior Ministry said in a statement that residents of the two cities will remain in their homes and lodgings during the curfew and deal only with the salaf, food items from 6am to 3pm. And they can go out of their homes to buy medicines, but they must also be confined to their own areas to buy the necessities.

Only one person will be allowed to travel by car in these two cities to prevent the spread of the virus, the statement said.

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The interior ministry said doctors and medical personnel working in key public and private sectors, including security forces, the military and the media, and medical personnel in the health sector will be exempted from curfew restrictions.

A few drastic measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus to Saudi Arabia, a country with a population of 300 million, where the ban on international flights, the closure of public places, and the ban on Umrah have also been made.

On Tuesday, the Saudi government sent a message to Muslim countries that they should not finalize the Hajj arrangements yet and wait for the Saudi government’s next message in this regard.

In the context of the 24-hour curfew, all internal and external routes to the city have been closed to restrict movement in Makkah, Medina, Riyadh and Jeddah, while some areas in Medina and Mecca have been completely locked down.

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The first case came to Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia, where a person coming from Iran was diagnosed with the virus, and since then the city has been completely locked down for four weeks.

It is to be remembered that after the new Corona virus more than 70,000 patients have been exposed in the last 24 hours from around the world, the number of patients globally has reached close to 950,000 and it is believed that by the evening of April 2 The number of patients will exceed the record level 1 million.

By the afternoon of April 2 worldwide, the number of patients had risen to more than 9.442 thousand, while the number of casualties had increased to 47,522.

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According to statistics, the death rate has been increasing steadily over the past week, with new Corona patients increasing worldwide.

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