Cricket ban on spitting ball,Alternative players also introduced

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has approved new changes to the game due to the corona virus, banned the use of saliva and approved a replacement for corona in the game.

The ICC Chief Executive Committee has approved the changes on the recommendations of the Cricket Committee.

The ICC’s chief executive committee has also approved the use of non-neutral umpires in all formats of international cricket, while giving each team an additional review to protect the game from bias.

Under a new law passed by the ICC, spitting the ball will be temporarily banned as long as there is an outbreak of the corona virus.

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According to the law passed by the chief executive committee, the teams will be punished for repeating the mistake after giving a warning.

The ICC said that if saliva was used by the fielding team, the umpires would clean the ball before the game resumed and players would not be allowed to use saliva to polish the ball.

If this mistake is repeated by the team, the team will be warned twice in each innings, but if the mistake is repeated, a penalty will be imposed and five runs will be given to the batting team.

Not only that, but in Test matches, if a player shows signs of corona, he will be allowed to bring a replacement.

The law of substitution will only apply to Test matches and just as the law of substitution applies after a ball hits the head, so will the replacement of a batsman with a batsman and the replacement of a bowler with a bowler.

All formats will allow matches without neutral umpires and the use of local umpires, leading to the risk of bias in the game, and the International Cricket Council has increased the DRS reviews of teams.

This will be the first time since 2002 that a neutral umpire will not be performing in a Test match, and the new law has been approved because of border closures and flight restrictions. May have difficulty getting from one place to another.

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Now, under the new law, teams will get three reviews in each innings of a Test match, while in limited overs cricket, teams will get two reviews in each innings.

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