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Corona Virus: Why is the “Immune System” Important?

Corona Virus: The “immune system” is a healthy human body capable of fighting germs that can transmit it to common ailments. Similarly, if the body attacks it with various dangerous germs and powerful viruses.

Reacting to germs is actually possible because of our body’s immune system, commonly called the immune system.

Naturally capable of fighting germs, this system helps us to avoid various diseases, infections and various types of viruses.

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While there are various germs on our environment and on the body of organisms, we can get sick when these bacteria and bacteria enter the body.

In the process of breathing, most of the germs enter the body through the nose and respiratory tract.

If our immune system is low, the body may suffer from diarrhea, coughs, fever, and when the system is unable to cope with a dangerous virus, then it becomes prone to complex and fatal diseases.

According to medical science, there are a few basic things to keep in mind to strengthen the immune system.

According to experts, physical health is closely linked to sleep. During the human body, sleep naturally produces a hormone that helps strengthen the immune system. Good and complete sleep is essential for the growth of this hormone.

Medical researchers say a healthy diet is essential for strong immunity. Experts say that sunshine with fresh vegetables, fruits and clean water for drinking also strengthens immunity.

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According to medical experts, diarrhea, cough, fever, etc. are a sign that your immune system is underdeveloped and the body will not be able to withstand any harmful bacteria and viruses if you ignore it.

The immune system is stronger for younger people or young people, but as they get older, this ability to fight against body diseases becomes less stressed, which is why Dr. Corona’s epidemic is aging. We recommend advising people to be more careful and stay at home.

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