Corona virus patients surpass China in the US

The United States, which called the Corona virus the Chinese virus, was the most affected by the disease in the United States, and on the morning of March 27, the number of patients increased to more than 85,000.

The number of Corona virus patients in the United States has exceeded China, considered the epicenter of the epidemic, and it is thought that deaths from the disease in the United States will increase beyond China.

The Corona virus began in December 2019 in Wuhan, the Chinese province of Hubei, and a total of 81,782 people were infected with the disease, while the death toll was less than 3200.

The outbreak of the Corona virus in China decreased dramatically in March this month, and no case was reported from Wuhan until the middle of this month, after which Lockdown from Wuhan began to end.

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While the outbreak of corona virus is being seen in China, the aforementioned virus is spreading rapidly in Europe and the United States, and the World Health Organization has already said that the new center of the Corona virus may be the United States.

And now the United States has the most cases of the virus, which is believed to be higher than other countries, including China, as the number of deaths is increasing rapidly.

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According to an online map made by the World Health Organization, American Health Organization, and Hopkins University for Corona virus data, the number of patients increased to 86 in the US by March 27.

While the number of patients in the United States increased dramatically, the number of casualties increased, and by the morning of March 27, there were close to 1,200 deaths.

Italy currently leads Spain, Spain second, and China third among Corona casualties – Photo: Sky News
In the past 24 hours, there have been 246 recorded deaths in the United States, after more than 10,000 Corona cases have been reported from the United States over the past two days, the United States has surpassed all countries in terms of number of patients.

By the evening of March 26, corona virus patients worldwide were in Italy after China, but now Italy is lagging behind.

Corona virus patients are rapidly increasing in the United States, and after Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the UK are also seeing new cases.

Although cases of Corona virus are also coming out in Iran, the pace of new cases has slowed down and there are fewer new cases coming from European countries and US.

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As of the morning of March 27, the number of Corona virus patients in Iran had increased to more than 29,000, while the number of casualties there had increased to more than 2200, but there has been a decrease in cases of newcomers from the past few days. Is.

By the morning of March 27, the number of Corona virus cases had increased to over 5 million 32,000 worldwide and in just 15 hours more than 50,000 new cases were reported from all over the world.

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Similarly, by the morning of March 27, the death toll from the Corona virus had increased to more than 24,000 worldwide

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