Corona virus: more than 5,000 killed in US, more than 2 million victims

After a record 884 deaths in the last 24 hours in the new Corona virus center and the most affected country in the world, the death toll has risen to more than 5,000, while 25 people died in a single day.

US experts had already said that the number of victims from Corona in the United States could go up to millions, while the World Health Organization had also said in early March last month that the new epidemic could be the United States.

At present, only the United States’ Corona victims are more than the total number of all affected countries in Asia, if China, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Japan And even if the number of Bangladeshis affected is mixed, the number of affected people in those countries will be less than the US.

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According to an online map of the World Coroner Virus Agency, the number of Corona-infected people in the United States rose to more than 250,000 by April 2, while the death toll there had risen to over 5,000. ۔

According to the British Broadcasting BBC, the United States recorded a record 884 deaths for the first time in 24 hours from April 1 to April 2, while a record 25,000 new people died during the same period.

New York case more than China
According to the US newspaper New York Times‘ Corona virus online map, the number of victims of Corona virus in the United States of New York alone exceeded the country considered to be the center of the Corona virus.

In China, as of the morning of April 2, the total number of victims was 82,400, out of which 3100 died and 98% had recovered.

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But by the morning of April 2, the number of Corona patients had risen to nearly 83,000 in New York state, and the death toll had risen to over 1900.

Out of every one million people in New York, 427 are victims of Corona, while 9 out of every 100,000 people are killed by Corona.

Other major states affected by Corona
New Jersey is the second largest state affected by New York after New York, where by the morning of April 2, the number of patients had risen to nearly 23,000 and the death toll had risen to 355.

Out of every one million people in New Jersey, 250 people are falling prey to Corona, and out of every 100,000 people, 4 are being killed by Corona.

California is the third largest affected state with regard to Corona, where by the morning of April 2, the number of patients had reached close to 10,000 and the death toll had exceeded 212.

In California, 25 out of every one million people are infected with Corona, while the number of casualties is very slow and barely one out of every 100,000 is being killed.

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California is followed by Michigan, where the number of Corona patients is more than 9,000; the number of patients in Florida and Massachusetts is more than 7,000, the number of Corona patients in the state of Illinois is close to 7,000. In Louisiana, the number of patients increased to more than 6,000.

The state of America can be like Italy, vice president

People Don't Leave Home for Worship, Vice President - Photo: AP

People Don’t Leave Home for Worship, Vice President – Photo: AP

US Vice President Mike Pence has warned people that the situation in the US could be similar to Italy in terms of casualties, suggesting that people be confined to their homes after Corona’s growing cases and deaths in the country.

Mike Pence told people in a TV program not to go to church for religious worship when no more than 10 people gather anywhere.

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The vice president in Progra said that he too believes in religious worship, but in this time of trouble, he is doing in-house worship with his wife at home and people should do the same.

Mike Pence said that if we did not take further precautions, there could be casualties in the United States like Italy.

There may be 240,000 deaths in the US, experts say
On the other hand, after a steady increase in casualties in the United States, experts have made new estimates and said that if the death rate continued, the death toll in the United States alone could rise to 40,000.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a team of top US scientists working on the Corona virus epidemic has estimated that the death toll from Corona in the United States can range from 100,000 to 40,000. ۔

In America 2 Lak 40 thousand death expected:photo,Shagago Tribune

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