Corona virus is spreading twice as fast as expected, research

On April 9, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said that a person affected by the corona virus-infected Cod-19 in Central District of Karachi had killed seven more people in his house.

It estimates how infectious and rapidly the virus spreads, but the question is, how many more people can a single patient suffer from the disease?

And now scientists have answered why the virus is spreading so fast and how is it possible to prevent its spread.

According to a new study, at the outbreak of the outbreak in Wuhan, every affected person transmitted the virus to an average of 5.7 people.

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The Los Elmos National Laboratory of America conducted a mathematical analysis for this purpose, and their figures are more than double that of the World Health Organization and other public health institutions in February.

The results of this research are limited to epidemics in China, but they can be applied in other parts of the world, and that is why prevention is more difficult than expected.

According to research, if the pace of the outbreak is kept in mind, 82% of the population must have strong immunity to prevent it, whether by vaccine or after getting sick.

Researchers said that without these protections, a much larger social distance exercise would be needed because on average one out of every 5 patients was not currently diagnosed.

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Governments around the world are trying to decide when and how to end the lockdown, as it also fears the removal of sanctions will not push the virus back again.

It is thought that more than 16 million people have been affected by the virus worldwide and over 96 thousand have been killed so far. In Pakistan, 4688 cases have been confirmed and 68 have died.

The epidemic is now largely controlled in China, but recently there has been an increase in the number of cases in which symptoms have not appeared.

The findings of this new research were published in the journal Emerging Infections Disease and were estimated using mobile phone travel data and case reports outside the Chinese province of Hubei.

Research shows that the decrease in the number of newly certified cases in China and South Korea in March proves that the virus can be prevented.

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Researchers say that the outbreak of the outbreak will be possible only through large-scale vaccination or immune protection.

But scientists have yet to comment on whether or not the virus could be infected again.

Some think that once they get sick the immune system develops against the virus, while others say that it will be premature to say anything.

However, according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the coronary virus can also be re-infected in people with the disease.

There have been at least 51 cases in South Korea that have recovered, but then the Corona virus has been confirmed.

The Korean company said that these people did not suffer from the virus again, it was only the virus that was resurrected in their body.

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“We are conducting a comprehensive investigation in this regard,” said Korean CDC Director General Jeong Yun Kyung, as there have been several cases when the test came to a negative one day during treatment but later became positive.

A patient is considered complete cure when he has had 2 test results in 24 hours.

South Korea is one of the first countries where the number of cases of the pandemic has suddenly increased, but the rate of new cases has dropped significantly since the end of February.

About the case that came up in the Central District of Karachi, Sindh Chief Minister said that this happened when a person went out of the house and all of them got the virus.

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At the same time, he said that the seven persons included a one-year-old child and a 6-year-old girl, however, he said that we were getting more trouble because there were new cases coming from our backward areas and slums.

He said that these same people would go ahead for labor and they would have to put a lot of effort in controlling the spread of the virus in factories and industries. However, my request is that all people take safety measures when lockdown opens. And people stay away from each other.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister made it clear that as soon as a person has been diagnosed with the symptoms, it is imperative for him to immediately report to the other person and report on the test.

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