Corona virus is a dangerous for A blood group Persons

Brussels: Researchers in European countries have claimed that people with blood group A can be infected with the coronavirus.

According to international media reports, experts from different countries of the world, including Europe, are conducting research on the spread of the corona virus and the people affected by it so that the epidemic can be controlled in any way.

Scientists, like many other studies, have studied which blood group the coronavirus is rapidly infecting.

A study by biotechnology testing company ’23 & Me ‘claims that differences have been found in human genes that affect the blood and can cause code-19 in humans.

Experts are also conducting research on genetic predisposition to corona, the main purpose of which is to find out how some people get corona without symptoms and why those who show symptoms become seriously ill.

The biotechnology company launched a study in April this year that collected data on patients’ blood groups and used the DNA profiles of millions of people to determine the role of genetics.

The study found that people with blood group O were the least affected by coronary heart disease, while those with B and AB positive groups were the most affected.

According to research, people with blood group O are safer from the corona virus than other groups because they are 9 to 18% less likely than other groups to test positive for Covid-19. ۔

Research has shown that people with B and AB are more likely to be infected with the corona virus because B and AB have the highest rates of covid-19 test, while those with blood group A are between the two. ۔

Dr Andre Frank, head of the research team, said: “People with A blood group have a 45 per cent higher risk of coronary heart disease, while people with O group have a 35 per cent lower risk of coronary heart disease.”

The company says the study’s findings focus on age, gender, physical index and ethnicity. Research has also shown that if blood group B is negative or B positive, then there is no significant difference in the coronary heart rate of such people.

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