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Corona Virus: Important Health Advice for Married Couples

Despite the Corona virus, many countries have locked down security measures, but experts are still advising people living in the same house to stay away from one another.

The World Health Organization, governments and specialists are advising people to voluntarily distance themselves from each other.

In Europe, couples married couples in Europe began to ask health experts whether spouses and spouses should stay away from each other and would not form any kind of marital relationship with each other, following the advice of a social tour around the world.

Looking at the problems of married couples, the health professionals gave them good suggestions published by Science Media Center.

The British state of England’s public health working body advised couples to update their tips on other important issues, including building a marital relationship for married couples in the wake of the Corona virus. Staying on is better.

Experts suggest that if one of the spouses has a fever or a sore throat during the confinement of the house, then they should not go near each other and they should not have intercourse for a week.

Experts say that although fever, coughing and coughing do not prove that the victim was attacked by Corona, it is better to keep a person with such symptoms in view of the current situation.

Experts have clearly suggested that married couples should be separated from each other in the event of confinement to house or in case of cough, stroke or fever during lockdown and for at least 7 days We should also avoid bedding.

Experts likewise gave suggestions regarding pregnant women and advised that they also go to social distance after the husband or their mother had a slight disorder.

Experts also advise pregnant women that it is better if they are away from people over the age of 70 in the home during periods of confined housing.

Experts clarify in their proposals that it is premature to say how much benefit or disadvantage these proposals will have, but it would be good if these suggestions were implemented carefully.

On the other hand, the British newspaper The Telegraph reported in a report that in a recent survey in the UK, married couples did not value the idea of ​​having a bed while staying at home in view of the Corona virus.

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According to the report, about 2,000 people were asked about the Corona virus during the survey and these questions also included questions about time spent and staying busy while staying at home in front of Corona.

As a precautionary measure, the questions asked about spending time at home also included the question, if married couples stay at home, what would be the key to ending boredom?

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In response to the same question, only 3% of married women, while only 5% of the men said that they would go to bed to eliminate boredom, while the most common was 32 people watching TV and 17 working from home. As the reason for ending the boredom.

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