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Corona virus: Food market closed in Australia, people were surprised to see the salon are open

Countries around the world are taking several steps to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, and almost all affected countries have implemented full or partial lockdowns.

Australia, including partial lockdowns for Corona virus prevention countries, where the number of Corona patients had risen to 2400 by the evening of March 26, and the number of deaths there had risen to 13. ۔

The Australian government implemented a partial lockdown a few days ago to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, under which several business centers were closed.

All travel to hotels, sub clubs, casinos, cinema halls, massage and tattoo centers, parks and other public places, food markets, gymnasiums, libraries and overseas as per the government’s instructions were also banned. That the transport was also restricted.

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Although the astonishing permission was given by the Australian Government to keep the haircut salon open, they were obliged not to take more than 30 minutes to cut or make any person’s hair.

At the same time, haircut salon owners were instructed to make sure they keep customers away from each other while performing the service.

Suzie Demowu, also the owner of the volunteer closing the salon - Photo: ABC Net

The government is criticizing the government’s decision to allow the haircutting salon to remain open and ban anyone’s hair within 30 minutes.

Even the owners and employees of the haircut salon are unhappy with the government’s decision and have demanded that the government be ordered to close the salon.

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According to Australian broadcaster ABC News, where more than 10 people have been banned from attending any funeral in Australia, the government has criticized the government for allowing the haircut salon to remain open. Is being built

The report states that on one hand, the government has instructed salon owners and employees to keep a distance of at least 6 feet from each person and on the other hand, owners and employees have also been obliged to Set up any customer’s hair within 30 minutes.

According to the report, hairdressing salon owners and barber owners are worried about how to distance any customer’s hair from their hair, since they can not remotely set any person’s hair.

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The report said that the government has allowed the salon and barber shops to remain open, where several business and key centers have been closed, causing the hijackers to worry and fear they will Become infected with viruses or they can cause someone to suffer.

According to the report, although the government has allowed the haircutting salon business to remain open, many barber shops have closed their shops for precautionary measures, but many barber shops have opened.

The government has also announced a further tightening of the lockdown after Corona cases have surfaced in the country and many more businesses will be closed while people are being directed to stay in homes.

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The government initially implemented the lockdown of ‘Stage One’, followed by Stage Two on March 25, when the lockdown of Stage Three has now been announced and further steps will be taken by the government at each stage.

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