Corona virus: European hospitals find new solution to respiratory problem

In hospitals where corona virus patients are having difficulty breathing, medical staff has started using snorkel masks found in sports shops.

According to foreign news agency AFP reports, the idea first came to the attention of doctors in Italy, the country most affected by the Corona virus, which was adopted by other countries.

Similar snorkel masks are being used at the Erasmé Hospital in Brussels, Belgium’s capital.

- Photo: AFP

“They are being used for patients who have difficulty breathing, which is to put a tube in the patient’s respiratory tract and put it on the respiratory,” said Frederick Bonier, the hospital’s physiotherapist.

They separate their drains, which are used as full-face masks, to which they attach to biweekly positive airway pressure machines, and they release the pressurized air into the mask.

It protects our body from eliminating the necessary alveoli, lung air sex, to absorb the oxygen it needs.

Pneumonia caused by the Corona virus causes inflammation in the liver and replenishes Lung Air Sex.

The outbreak of the Corona virus is fast approaching, and by the afternoon of March 29, the number of patients has increased to more than 6,65,000.

In Italy, Corona has seen a sharp increase in fatalities over the past week, with a total of between 500 and 800 deaths a week, but on March 28 there were a record 900 deaths.

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Although the rate of new coronary virus patients has slowed down in Italy, the number of casualties is still high, causing fear across Italy.

Experts are also worried about Italy’s surprisingly high death toll from other countries, while Italian officials have confirmed that Corona’s patients, who have appeared so far, are the ones who have been tested on suspicion.

According to officials, the tests are not being conducted in Italy, but in the areas where people have already been tested.

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By the morning of March 29, the death toll in Italy had risen to 10,23 and the number of patients had risen to 92,472.

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