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Corona Virus: Decision to kill some animals in Germany due to economic problems

The global epidemic is currently plagued by economic problems caused by the Corona virus, and Germany’s zoo’s administration is also facing problems in providing livestock feed.

according to a BBC broadcast The director of the Newminster Zoo in northern Germany said that it had been decided to kill some animals due to economic problems so that other animals could be feed.

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According to director Verna Caspari, ‘we have prepared a list of animals that will be slaughtered first’.

He added that killing some animals will fill the stomach of other animals, but doing so will not solve the economic problems completely.

He explained that the zoos and penguins in the zoo require large numbers of fish daily to feed.

According to the director, if things get so bad due to the Corona virus, they will have to kill the animals and the decision to kill them and give feed to other animals will certainly be worse but they will have to do so.

Partial lockdown is also imposed in Germany due to the Corona virus and tourists have also stopped coming to the zoo, which has been raising funds with each passing day.

According to the report, the zoo in Germany is jointly requesting the government for $ 100 million in government aid.

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The National Zoo Association of Germany (VDZ) maintains that the zoo, unlike many other businesses, cannot go slow and reduce costs.

In addition, animals still need to be fed and cared for daily.

The zoo’s management has also sent 70 percent of its employees on long leave from April 1.

According to the administration, some animals are feeling very depressed about remembering humans as they have become so accustomed to people’s attention.

It is to be noted that Lockdown has been in force in Germany for the past one month; Corona has infected around 322,210 people so far and close to 62,000 people have recovered from the virus.

The virus has so far lost 3 495 people.

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Despite the implementation of lockdown in most countries of the world, the number of Corona cases has not been seen till now, the number of people affected by Corona has increased to 191 81 thousand 239 in 185 countries worldwide. The death toll from the Corona virus has risen to 26,681

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