Corona virus confirmed in Nada Yasir, Yasir Nawaz and actor Naveed Raza

Lockdown in Pakistan has been significantly softened and as a result, cases of corona virus are increasing rapidly, so far more than 53,000 cases and more than 1,100 deaths have been confirmed.

Even during the lockdown, the shooting of dramas and morning shows continued and one of them, the host of the morning show, Nada Yasir, her husband Yasir Nawaz, as well as actor Naveed Raza have been confirmed to be infected with corona virus. ۔

“The virus was confirmed in Yasir, my daughters and me, not in my staff, I did not show any symptoms but Yasir had a fever, while my son’s test was negative,” said Nada Yasir.

It is believed that when Nada Yasir’s show Good Morning Pakistan had a cast of the drama ‘My Heart My Enemy’, the virus was transmitted to these actors that day.

The cast of the play includes Yasir Nawar, Naveed Raza, Eliza Shah, Nemal Sami and Anam Tanveer.

Naveed Raza said, “I had urged everyone to take the test. Of course, there was someone on the set who could transmit the virus to others.”

Anam Tanveer said in a Facebook post that his corona virus test was negative.

He said in a Facebook post, “I have heard many rumors that my heart has been coded to my enemy’s cast. My name was also mentioned in the rumors, so I want to say that I am safe, thank God, for my test.” The result was negative and Code 19 was not positive.

“Please stop using my name and refrain from publishing such information without my confirmation,” he said.

Earlier in March, Nada Yasir was criticized for holding a make-up contest despite a ban on public gatherings on the morning show that did not take into account social distance.

The entire morning show team and all staff members who are in contact with Nada are currently being tested and have been asked to stay away until the results come out.

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