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Corona virus confirmed for the first time in a cat

Until now, it is believed that the disease caused by the new Novel Corona virus Cod 19 is transmitted from one person to another.

But now is the first case in Belgium of a European country where the virus has been transmitted from a person to a pet cat.

The woman was diagnosed with Cod 19 a few days ago when she returned from northern Italy.

A few days later, the cat also had symptoms of corona virus, cholera, vomiting and respiratory problems.

Malika sent a local lab to analyze vomiting and waste samples, where genetic tests revealed a large amount of new corona virus in those samples.

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Belgian government spokesman Steven van Gest said the cat was recovered nine days later.

The cats and humans appear to be similar to the respiratory cells from which these corona viruses enter, he said.

In humans, the virus binds to a receptor protein S2, which is located outside the cell, and, with its help, enter the cells and control its machinery to increase its numbers.

Steven van Gest said that cats have the same S2 protein as human S2, while cats continued to be infected during the SARS Corona virus outbreak in 2003.

Earlier in Hong Kong, reports of two dogs being transmitted from the owners to the Corona virus.

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The weakened virus was confirmed in a dog in late February and died in mid-March, but the exact cause of death could not be ascertained because the owner did not allow post-mortem.

The other dog had the virus confirmed, although no signs of the disease were apparent.

But there have been no reports of the transmission of the virus from humans to animals, and according to a Belgian spokesman, there is no such possibility.

They said the cat was probably infected with such a virus, and it would be a blood test to confirm now that it had been infected with the virus. Quarantine will exit.

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