Corona Virus: Birth of children without medical care, women suffer

Due to the Corona virus, the shortage of medical devices worldwide has reduced the medical staff while many other places, including hospitals, have been converted to temporary isolation centers and quarantines, but in many countries Corona Is spreading rapidly.

Patients suffering from other diseases around the world, including the setting up of quarantine centers at common hospitals and treating other coronary patients as well as most coronary patients, are also suffering from severe problems in countries such as the US and UK. Suffer from

Pregnant women suffering severe problems from changing the Guinea wards and labor rooms of UK and US hospitals to the Corona Virus Quarantine and medical staff caring for epilepsy patients, and many hospitals have delivered delivery to women. Refused to be admitted to the hospital.

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While several hospitals in the United Kingdom and the United States are refusing to admit pregnant women to children at home giving birth counseling, many women are being forced by the hospital to take only one person with them. Can be kept, the hospital administration is trying to give birth to women without operation.

According to the British newspaper The Independent, the UK Department of Health has recommended pregnant women to ensure childbirth at home after a shortage of medical staff and establishing special centers for the Corona virus in hospitals.

According to the report, health experts had already said that pregnant women were on target after the rapid spread of the Corona virus and many corona patients in hospitals and medical staff being treated by Corona patients. Yes, so it is better if they do not visit the hospitals.

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In this regard, Maria Baker, an official at the Organization for the Rights of the Child and Pregnant Women, said that many hospitals were forbidden by hospitals and they were allowed to go home without having a cesarean. Recommended.

He said many hospitals provided only one person to women and many women were pressured to seek help from their husbands or family in childbirth.

Maria Baker described such behavior with pregnant women as traumatic for women becoming new mothers and criticized the government and demanded that full access be provided to pregnant women as before.

Like many UK hospitals, news is coming from several hospitals in the US that pregnant women are not being admitted and advised to go home safely.

Hospitals in the US state of California, San Francisco, are not receiving the most facilities for women, and only one person is being supported to assist them in this process, ABC7 News reported.

The report states that although women who become mothers for the second or third time may not appear to be more distressed by the process, those who are having a baby for the first time are experiencing mental distress and problems.

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Due to the rapid spread of the Corona virus, hospitals announced a week ago that they could not enroll pregnant women for delivery, CBS News said in a report.

According to the report, the hospital administration forbade women from giving birth to children at home, advising them not to come to the hospital in recent days because of the rapid spread of the corona virus, as it would benefit the health of both them and the infant. Is cool

Hospitals in other states and major cities, including New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey, also directed pregnant women to have a baby at home without a cesarean, the report said.

Newborn mothers and children’s health concerns have emerged in the United States and the UK after hospitals refused to provide medical care to pregnant women and forced them to have children at home.

Two days before the announcement of pregnant women not to be admitted to hospitals, the Governor of the US state of New York directed hospitals to withdraw their declaration and provide medical services to women.

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The Governor of New York urged hospitals to provide equal and proper medical care to all pregnant women and that no one’s life should be endangered.

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