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Corona virus: 2 newborns die in US

Although the youngest child in the world was infected in the UK last month in the UK on March 15 last month, for the first time in the United States, the death of 2 newborns has left everyone sad.

In general, there have been no deaths from children in the outbreak, and so far only a few of the more than 43,000 deaths in the world have been caused by people under the age of 15.

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However, the death of two newborns in the United States this week was particularly saddened by the Corona virus.

According to the American newspaper Los Angeles Times, the first newborn baby died in the state of Illinois with the Corona virus, where a child was diagnosed with Corona in a Chicago hospital just days ago.

The state’s Illinois government confirmed that the child in Corona died April 1 in a hospital, Rhavert said.

Although Corona is spreading well in Illinois, as is the case with other states in the United States, fortunately the disease has rarely affected young or newborn children.

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By the afternoon of April 3 in the state of Illinois, the number of patients was close to 7,000, and the death toll there had reached 146, while the child who died of the outbreak was the first newborn and the youngest child.

Like the state of Illinois, the Connecticut State of Connecticut made everyone sad.

NBC Connecticut reported in its report that seven-week-old infants were at home but were taken to hospital when their condition deteriorated but they could not recover.

The report said that the newborn baby buses in Hart Fort, Connecticut City, after which a wave of anxiety erupted in medical staff and authorities.

The governor of the state also confirmed through his tweet that corona virus-infected children died at the hospital.

The governor of the state clearly wrote that the girl who died was also affected by Corona, but he also had other health problems.

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Similarly, local officials at Hart Fort did not explicitly say that the deceased should leave the Corona.

By the afternoon of April 2 in the state Connecticut, Corona had 3,000 and a half thousand patients, and the death toll had risen to 86.

Authorities in the United States have run into a wave of anxiety after the death of two newborns in Corona, and officials are worried that the situation will be difficult to control if a large number of children are affected by the outbreak.

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It is thought that Corona was first diagnosed in a newborn baby on March 15 last month, but officials said it was unclear whether the baby had coronary abdominal pain or was affected by birth.

The baby was diagnosed with Corona just hours after birth.

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