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Corona epidemic shoe number 75 ready

Romania: People around the world are trying out interesting ways to keep themselves out of the crowd or away from people, and shoes that maintain a social distance have been developed. The front of this shoe is long enough to push the front one away.

The invention was made by Romanian shoemaker Gregor Leup during the Corona virus lockdown. The front of the shoe is unusually long with a European size of 75. Made of pure leather, the shoe costs  115, or about 18,000 Pakistani rupees.

“People don’t care about social distance at all, and once they went to buy seeds for their garden, people got closer and closer to them, which made them very angry,” he said. During the trip, I came up with the idea of ​​making a strange shoe.

According to Gregor Leop, if the two people meet face to face wearing their shoes, the distance between the two can be maintained at one and a half meters. Romania has been easing the lockdown since May 15, with 18,790 cases of cornvirus reported. There have been 1240 deaths so far.

But he did not say how many people have bought or expressed interest in the shoes so far, but looking at their appearance, it seems that after wearing them, it will be very difficult to walk and climb stairs will be almost impossible.

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