China reports second wave of virus, 78 new cases reported

Over the past 24 hours, 78 new cases of Corona virus have been reported in China, many of them from overseas, leading to the second wave of infection in the country.

Foreign news agency AFP reports that the first new case came out of the virus center Wuhan for almost a week after no new cases were reported, while 3 other localized infections were reported in other parts of the country.

The Chinese National Health Commission said that the virus killed seven more people, all of them in Wuhan.

On Tuesday, there were 74 new cases coming from overseas, according to data from the beginning of March, which is the highest number of cases reported in a single day and double the number of cases reported on the previous day.

So far 81,553 cases of corona virus have been reported in China out of which 3,281 people have died and 73 thousand 277 have recovered.

602 new deaths in Italy, more than 6,000
The Corona virus in Italy reported 602 new deaths last day, bringing the total death toll to 6,77 in the country.

It is thought that in Italy on Saturday, the disease resulted in 793 deaths, the highest in any country in a single day, compared to 651 on Sunday.

The decline in the number of deaths has led to speculation that the crisis in Italy could be reduced, but doctors and scientists say that it is too early to say just now.

There have also been 7,432 virus-infected people in Italy.

Lockdown preparation in New Zealand
In addition to preparing for a month’s lockdown in New Zealand, Prime Minister Jessinda Ardern called on citizens to minimize contact with the Corona virus.

“The easiest thing is that you stay home, so we will save lives,” he said during a news conference in Parliament.

The total number of Corona virus cases in New Zealand is currently 155, of which 12 have recovered.

Order to shut down ‘unnecessary’ shops services in the UK
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has banned 3 weeks of shutdown of ‘unnecessary’ shops and services and the gathering of more than 2 people.

Boris Johnson, in a televised speech, urged the public to ‘stay home’.

The announcement came at a time when the public was enjoying a weekend in parks across the country, which many called for stern action.

In the UK, the number of victims of the Corona virus has risen to 6,726 so far, leaving 336 people dead and 140 recovering.

American citizen killed in taking chloroquine
An American citizen was killed after eating a chloroquine phosphate-preserving drug to protect against the virus.

The man’s wife also consumed chloroquine, followed by her condition.

According to the report, what they ate was not in the form of chloroquine to treat malaria in humans but was included in the ingredients used to treat pests in fish.

So far 46,450 people have been infected with Corona virus in the US and 593 have died.

Corona virus spreads to Myanmar
Corona virus has been confirmed in two people in Myanmar.

According to a Reuters report, the two had recently visited the US and the UK.

The 36-year-old man has returned from the United States and the 26-year-old has returned from the UK and the virus has been confirmed, the Ministry of Health said.

“The inquiries are being conducted with regard to the people in contact with these two patients,” the statement said.

Ethad Airways canceled all flights starting March 25
Ethad Airways canceled all flights overseas and posted on social networking website Twitter that “if you have booked flights from Abu Dhabi to other destinations, you will not be able to travel and you should not come to the airport.” ‘.

He said that those in Abu Dhabi will stop by Abu Dhabi on the night of March 25.

In the United Arab Emirates, the Corona virus victims are 198, out of which two have died and 41 have recovered.

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The virus must be attacked, says WHO
The World Health Organization (WHO) chief, Tedros Adhanom, urged the public to stay home and take other physical distance measures, saying “these are important steps in preventing the spread of the virus and finding time, but it is defensive. There are steps, you can’t win any football game by just defending, you have to attack as well. ‘

“To win, we have to aggressively attack the virus and adopt targeting procedures, test every suspect, handle iSolution and all certified cases, and detect close contacts,” he said. And put them in quarantine. ‘

He warned that the epidemic was spreading ‘It took only 67 days to reach 1 lakh cases from first case, only 11 days to one lakh to 2 lakh and only 4 days to third lakh’.

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Corona virus is believed to have originated in Wuhan, China, where more than 3,000 deaths were reported in China alone.

Initially, the virus was confined to China only, but later to the Middle East and the UK

Rap began to spread very fast.

So far, more than 16,000 people have been killed by the virus worldwide, while more than 322,000 have been infected.

It should be noted that more than 100,000 people have recovered worldwide.

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