Canadian Prime Minister’s wife recovers from Corona in 15 days

The wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recovered from the Corona virus in just 15 days, having been diagnosed with Corona on March 13 this month.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed March 13 this month that his wife had been diagnosed with Corona, causing him and his children to quarantine.

Corona was diagnosed with Justin Trudeau’s wife when she returned to Canada with a visit to London with her children.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, along with his children, moved himself to Quarantina after the wife was diagnosed with the virus, but they had not seen any symptoms of Corona in the past 15 days.

Justin Trudeau said at a press conference on the evening of March 28, regarding the Corona virus, that his wife was all right.

Corona was diagnosed March 13 in Sofia Trudeau - Photo: AP

Sufi Trudeau informed people via social media that he defeated the Corona virus, according to broadcasting ABC News.

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The report states that the First Lady stated in her post that doctors and government agencies have declared her free from Corona and her health is fine.

The Canadian Prime Minister’s wife recovered on March 28 and it took her only 15 days to recover.

Spain's first female victim to Corona - Photo: AP

Sufi Trudeau was the first woman in the world to have been infected with the Corona virus, followed by the wife of the Prime Minister of Spain, who had been infected with Corona on March 15, but no news has been reported about her recovery yet.

Like the Canadian Prime Minister, the Prime Minister of Spain was not diagnosed with spinal cord disease, although the Prime Minister of Spain limited himself to the house.

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Corona has not been diagnosed with the wife or family of a third woman or a head of government since both women first, though Corona was diagnosed on March 27 in British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson became the first Prime Minister or head of government in the world to suffer from the outbreak.

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