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Can using a face mask really protect against viruses?

The use of a face mask was made mandatory for every citizen after the rise in the cases of the new Novel Corona virus disease Cod 19 in Karachi last week.

According to the order issued by Commissioner Karachi, to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, it is mandatory for every person leaving home to wear a mask on the face.

According to a notice issued by Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shalwani, ‘those who need to get out of the house as per the requirement and who are exempt from lockdown, must wear masks when they leave the house from now on.’

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In fact, not only Karachi but most of the countries of the world have now used the face mask to slow down the outbreak.

These include countries including the United States that previously deemed use of the face mask unnecessary to protect against the Corona virus, but its use has been mandatory in various states since the beginning of April.

With the onset of the new Corona virus outbreak in China and several countries in Asia, the use of face masks became commonplace.

Why is a face mask important?
If you are unaware, know that most cases of the corona virus are cases where symptoms do not appear in the affected person or appear after several days.

But scientists believe that patients with the Corona virus can transmit the disease to other healthy individuals even before symptoms appear, whether they are directly from coughing, sneezing particles or touching anything solid with these particles. After applying the hand to the nose, mouth or eyes.

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According to experts, it has become clear that the use of face masks on exit has helped reduce cases in China, South Korea, Japan and other countries.

In fact, the face mask not only protects you, but also others.

Covering the mouth acts as a barrier that protects you and others from viral and bacterial particles, as most people become ill with other people in the field of awareness or spread coughs or by touching things.

According to Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the USC CDC, you may be infected with the Corona virus and do not have symptoms, but you can still contribute to the virus transmission and this is why using a face mask is a good idea.

If someone sneezes, will the mask be protected?
Yes but it will only be possible if the mask is properly worn and then avoided touching with hands.

Particles emitted from the coughing of another person will hit the mask on your face instead of on the mouth or nose, which will provide protection, but when you return home, remove the mask, rather than touching the front. Remove it from the existing cord.

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Touching the front part will cause the germs on the mask to fall into the hands as you can see in the World Health Organization video below showing how the mask is downloaded.

Eye protection with a mask is also a good idea. People who use eyeglasses get some protection from coughing or sneezing particles while other people can use sun glasses, both of which are not ideal. But assistants can certainly be helpful.

So what kind of mask should I use?
Surgical and N95 masks are primarily for medical staff, especially N95 masks, which are essential for the protection of staff living close to Cody 19’s patients, and are primarily breathing devices that cover the nose and mouth. And the air from its material goes into the air, purified or free of germs.

Surgical masks are usually intended to protect patients from germs emitted from the mouth of the medical staff.

When it comes to the general public, ordinary clothing masks can also provide protection, as with social distance exercises, home-made cloth masks can provide protection.

In fact, one study revealed that masks made of cotton cloth can also help block out breathing particles, but it has not been clarified to what extent they can provide protection.

Clothing masks protect the wearer from the surroundings while N95 masks protect the wearer from the surroundings.

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Wash or destroy mask?
Medical experts say that the mask should be treated as a reservoir, ie dust after use.

That is, once worn, the particles from your mouth or other people’s mouths may accumulate on it, so wash them as soon as you remove them (cloth masks can be used several times) or safely disposed of.

In simple terms, if you have used a cloth mask, wash it immediately; if there is a disposable mask, then immediately destroy it.

And yes after wearing the mask, try to lower them down for some food and to avoid falling off the top after eating something, otherwise this precaution is of no use.

You can make masks at home with an old T-shirt that doesn’t even require a sewing machine, as you can see in the video below.

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Will the scarf work as well?

The scarf probably won’t be as useful as the mask as it fits more around the mouth.

Loose scarves, which also have numerous small holes, are not very helpful in stopping particles.

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