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Can more vitamin D reduce the severity of code 19?

Can healthy levels of vitamin D in the body help protect people with the new Novel Corona virus from COD 19 and ICU and death?

This is a question that scientists in many countries are working to answer, and some have discovered that people with code 19 often suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

Similarly, countries with higher mortality rates than COD 19 have higher rates of vitamin D deficiency than countries with lower mortality rates.

Experts say that a healthy level of vitamin D in the blood could potentially help protect patients with code 19 from a severe immune system reaction that invades body cells.

Preliminary research has not yet been published in any medical journal and there is a lack of evidence to suggest that vitamin D can help protect or moderate the risk of code 19.

But at least eight research reports at reviewed code 19 and vitamin D.

Research reports so far on vitamin D and code 19
Vitamin D is formed when sunlight hits the skin, which has several benefits such as strengthening bones and improving the immune system.

Scientists in the UK examined cases of code 19 and the average levels of vitamin D and mortality in 20 European countries.

They found that countries with high levels of vitamin D deficiency also had higher rates of cod 19 cases and deaths.

Similarly, researchers at Northwestern University in the United States estimated that a 17% deficiency in vitamin D leads to a serious severity of code 19, and said that there is a link between serious cases of vitamin D and code 19.

A study by Louisiana and Texas lawmakers examined 20 patients hospitalized for code 19 and found that 11 of those admitted to the ICU were vitamin D deficient. ۔

A survey of 780 patients in Indonesia found that vitamin D levels were lower than normal in most of the patients who died.

Scientists in Ireland also found that countries with high levels of vitamin D deficiency had more deaths than code 19.

Research on the benefits of vitamin D before code 19
Although research into the relationship between vitamin D and code 19 has only just begun, other research reports have found that vitamin D supplements can reduce the risk of respiratory infections.

Researchers examined the 1918 and 1919 Species Flu influenza epidemics and found that patients with healthy vitamin D levels were less likely to die.

Research on the relationship between vitamin D levels and the immune system’s lethal response is still in its infancy, but not surprisingly.

Medical experts say that vitamin D does not suppress but improves the immune system, vitamin D causes immune cells less inflammation.

Although the deficiency of vitamin D and the severity of code 19 have been discovered, it is not yet known to what extent the return of this vitamin D to normal levels can help in treatment.

Similarly, it is difficult to say with certainty that people with healthy levels of vitamin D can avoid the virus.

A researcher from the University of Southeastern Philippines examined the levels of vitamin D in 212 patients with code 19 and found that those with deficiency had a more critical condition, while those with higher levels had a milder severity.

Vitamin D supplements could potentially help treat code 19 patients, the research paper said.

“We already know that vitamin D is good for health, but we’re still waiting for more evidence to show a link between code 19 and vitamin D,” the British researchers said.

On the other hand, a study of nearly 3.5 million people, including 449 patients with codeine 19, did not find a link between vitamin D levels and the risk of the disease.

Functions of Vitamin D.
A simple blood test can determine the level of vitamin D in the body.

Hotamin D is believed to improve cell growth and reduce inflammation, while some research reports suggest that it may help prevent diabetes, high blood pressure and blood sugar problems, but Currently the results are not clear.

Vitamin D can be obtained naturally from certain foods such as yogurt, eggs and fish, and is also available in the form of supplements.

But too much vitamin D can be harmful to the body as it can cause calcium to build up in the blood, which can lead to vomiting, weakness, excessive urination and irregular heartbeat.

A trial is being planned by Harvard Medical School to see if vitamin D supplements can help reduce the risk or severity of developing Code 19

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