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Cambodian tourists instructed to make a 3,000 Corona deposit

Several countries have begun reopening their borders to tourists, with some places offering discounts on air travel to foreigners in the Italian region of Sicily.

Similarly, free overnight stays in Mexico, while transport taxes are being reduced in Greece to make travel cheaper.

But in contrast, a different strategy is being adopted in the Asian country of Cambodia, where the administration recently announced a  3,000 (approximately PKR 500,000) corona deposit for foreign tourists arriving there. Proof of health insurance of at least  50,000 must be submitted.

The  3,000 will have to be paid in cash or by credit card upon arrival at Cambodian airports, which will be used to pay for the treatment of tourists who have fallen victim to Code 19.

The Cambodian Ministry of Health has compiled a detailed list of possible fees and treatment costs.

Earlier in March, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said his visit would be free of charge if he was diagnosed with code 19.

According to the Ministry of Health’s list, the cost of a mandatory Corona test for tourists is 16 165, of which  100 will be for the test, 5 5 for delivery to the testing center and 60 60 for a one-night stay in a hotel and three meals a day.

The reason for this 60 60 is that the test results will be available in 24 hours during which the tourist will have to wait at the hotel.

Similarly, 128 1281 will be for a 2 week quarantine during which the tourist will stay in a designated hotel or quarantine center, where he will be provided food, laundry and medical services.

If the tourist is diagnosed with the virus, he or she will be sent to a hospital for treatment, where the daily bill will be 30 330.

If the tourist dies, the last rites are estimated at 15 1,500.

Proof of health insurance is being sought so that if more than اخ 3,000 is spent, the rest of the expenses can be recovered from there.

However, tourists who test negative will only be charged for the test and the rest of the deposit will be refunded.

There were 128 cases of corona virus in Cambodia but no deaths

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