Blood group of people could be affect on at risk for Cod 19, research

The spread of the new Novel Corona virus into the world is beyond the expectations of scientists, and they are constantly trying to find out what are the factors that are rapidly increasing the rate of the disease.

The virus, which was reported in December last year in Wuhan, China, has spread worldwide, affecting more than 3 million people and killing more than 13,000 people.

As a result of this outbreak, a lockdown has been carried out in different countries and Sindh province in Pakistan has also announced to do so for the next 15 days.

Scientists have now claimed that an individual’s blood group could potentially affect the increase or decrease in the risk of code 19.

During this study, blood samples were analyzed for 22 covd patients and millions of healthy people from around 228 people from China.

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Scientists have found that people with A blood group have the highest risk of developing Cod 19, while those with O blood group have a significantly lower risk.

The results of this research were published on the website medRxiv, where most scientists publish research findings during the process of publishing a journal.

Researchers said the difference in risk for different blood groups and Cod-19 is likely the result of specific antibodies present in the blood, but further research is needed to confirm this.

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The potential impact of various blood groups on the risk of code 19 can be significant for clinicians treating patients, while individuals with A blood groups may need strong personal protection to reduce their chances of infection.

Researchers say such individuals may need more supervision and treatment by clinicians, while identifying the patient’s blood group could potentially be helpful in treating Cod-19 and other corona virus infections.

This study was limited and did not explain the results.

Other medical experts say that the research may be helpful to clinicians, but ordinary citizens should not take these data very seriously.

He said that if you have blood group A, don’t worry, the results do not mean that you can suffer from this disease, and if you have blood group O it does not mean that you are Safe, you need to wash your hands in every case and follow other precautions.

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