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Billionaire plans to distribute one million face masks through vending machines

Adrian Cheng, the billionaire and social leader of Hong Kong’s billionaire state-owned country, has announced to distribute more than one million face masks free of charge to the people.

Adrian Cheng is one of the richest people in Asia, associated with real estate business, including gold and diamond business, as well as welfare work.

The assets of Adrian Cheng’s company New World Development are worth $ 20 billion, up to US $ 35 trillion and they have been doing a lot of welfare work in the past.

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Although there are fewer cases of Corona virus in Hong Kong than in other provinces in China, and the number of patients has increased to more than 1,000 by April 9, there are measures to be taken to deal with Corona.

The death toll from Hong Kong to Corona on April 9 was only 4, but the administration has instructed people to wear face masks.

In Hong Kong, where rich people live, a large number of poor people live in the city, while many are also worried about the absence of a face mask after the outbreak of the Corona virus, which has caused billions of people across the city. I announced to provide a free face mask.

According to US broadcaster CNN, Adrian Cheng will distribute fee masks to people through vending machines in 18 districts of Hong Kong under the auspices of his company New World Development.

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According to the report, the special vending machines for distribution of face masks will provide anyone with a full packet of face masks after coding and the aforementioned project will be launched in the last week of April.

In the first phase of the project announced by the billionaire, at least 10 million fee masks will be distributed among the people, while the distribution of the face mask is likely to continue until the threat of the Corona virus is eliminated.

According to the billionaire announcing the project, people in Hong Kong suffer from the lack of income and the absence of a face mask in those days of the pandemic, so they don’t want anyone living with that problem Does not have a face mask and can become a victim of Corona.

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This is the first time that anyone in the world has personally announced the distribution of face masks to such a large number of ordinary people, so far welfare organizations and governments have done so. However, no such company or government has announced to distribute such a large number of fee masks.

Millions of face masks have been distributed in several countries of the world by the Chinese government and several companies, but none of the companies have provided any country with one million face masks simultaneously.

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