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Be Careful, After Touching These Common Things You must wash Your Hand

The most pressing aspect of social distance is the need to wash hands to prevent the disease from the new Novel Corona virus.

The World Health Organization calls for a minimum of 20 seconds of hand washing and not once or twice, but multiple times.

Washing hands can be the first defense wall against many diseases, including the corona virus, as well as the habit of touching or at least not touching the mouth, nose, and eyes.

According to the Mayo Clinic of the United States, washing hands can limit the transfer of bacteria, viruses and other germs, and common soap can be as effective as alcohol-based hand sanitizer in this regard.

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Of course, it is impossible to keep your hands clean with 100% germs at all times, but it is important to wash your hands immediately after touching a few things.

It is important to mention that otherwise, it is necessary to wash hands before and after eating, after going to the toilet.

Currency note
The use of currency notes is very high and one note goes through numerous hands, which may also include particles emitted from the mouth during coughing or sneezing, causing the spread of cod 19. By the way, the currency notes do not increase the risk of corona virus, but it is better to wash hands after touching the notes. During one study, numerous microbes were discovered on the currency notes, as one study revealed that the notes may contain bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella.

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Stairs, door lock and handle
The importance of cleaning hands is mentioned above, but also be aware that when touching a ladder railing, door knob, handle, and other such supports, do not forget to wash your hands immediately after touching them.

Solid Teak Wood Stairs — Stock Photo © drpnncpp #191595788

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Everything in the medical center
Not only the hospital but also a small clinic of a doctor, there are numerous patients and there are numerous bacteria and viruses. If you agree to go there, do not forget to wash your hands immediately upon return.

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Most people do not consider it necessary to wash their hands after touching pets, but should do so, not that they can transmit the corona virus to you, but it is best to take precautions if other germs are not lacking.

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Touch screen
It may be hard to believe, but smartphone screens can be more germicidal than a toilet (especially if the cleaning is not taken care of), plus ATM screens can be a lot more germicidal, the good thing is that soap And washing hands with water can prevent these germs.

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Cutting boards and kitchen sponges
Kitchens have a high probability of developing germs; germs do not only come from raw meat but also accumulate in clothes, dishes and sponges used in washing, utensils and kitchens. One study found that 326 different types of bacteria may be present in the kitchen sponge, so don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly after using them.

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A pan that is not yours
By the way, the phone is now replacing the phone with a phone or computer, but many times it is used to take a pan from someone who is not wrong, but must wash hands after their work. A pan used in the office can contain up to 10 times more germs than a toilet, and if you do not feel scared, know that many people like to chew their pan.

pen – Awebplan

Handwash caps
Removable handwash bottles or dispensers are likely to contain germs; when you press the cap pump to remove the liquid, the germs with dirty hands move on it, so it is important to take care of the cleaning.

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Almost everything in the airport
By the way, there are now restrictions on air travel around the world to some extent, but even after this outbreak, whenever traveling to the airport, be aware that thousands of people are welcomed at any airport every day. , More people means more germs, which will touch a lot of things. If you touch anything there, try to avoid touching the mouth, nose and eyes until you wash your hands.

Doha Airport is very spectacular, almost like a shopping mall, and ...

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Hand wash method
The World Health Organization has outlined a few tips for hand hygiene and described it as a good procedure.

Under this method, first wet your hands and then apply soap, rubbing your palm until the soap bubbles.

Then rub the palm of one hand on the back of the other hand and then do the same with the other palm.

Rub thoroughly between the fingers of both hands.

Rub the back of your fingers and before that, fold the fingers of both hands together.

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At the 5th point, rub the left palm from your left thumb with the same movement as the clock needles, then do the same with the right hand thumb on the left palm.

Now do the same thing on the back of the palm, rubbing through the thumb like clockwork needles.

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