Ban on spitting is not a problem! The company explained how to polish the ball

Bowlers and teams are worried about the ban on spitting the ball in cricket due to the corona virus, but ball maker Duke has come up with a solution.

In cricket, bowlers usually use saliva and sweat to polish the ball, especially one side of the old ball, so that the ball can be swinged.

But the International Cricket Council has banned the use of saliva due to the corona virus, introducing new rules in the game, although they will be allowed to use sweat.

Cricket teams around the world, especially bowlers, are worried about how they will swing the ball once it is old due to the ban, while some experts have warned that the new conditions of play, which are already favorable for batsmen, will also balance the game. Will spoil

But now the ball-making company has offered the bowlers a solution, asking them to use towels to polish the ball.

Dilip Jajudia, managing director of British Cricket Ball Limited, the company that makes the Duke ball used in Test matches in England, said teams need not worry.

“The first thing is that the ball should be in its original shape, whether you use sweat, saliva or something else, but all of these things help a little,” he said.

“We make a regular ball by hand sewing and it is designed in such a way that as long as you have the skill to swing the ball, it will be a ball swing,” said Dilip Jajudia.

He added that when a player rubs the Duke ball with a cloth, the wax on it falls off and goes into the leather, which makes the ball shine.

He advised the players in the series between England and West Indies to keep towels as former great West Indian fast bowler Malcolm Marshall used to do.

“There was always a small towel hanging from the back of the great Malcolm Marshall,” he said.

On this occasion, he criticized the English captain Joe Root, saying that Root keeps shining the ball with his polyester shirt all the time but nothing happens, it is a waste of time.

He advised the bowlers to polish the ball with a towel cloth, use only sweat and towels, that would be best.

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