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Ates Kuslari Episode 7 Urdu & English Subtitles

Ates Kuslari Episode 7 with Urdu subtitles

Episode 7 of Ates Kuslari with Urdu subtitles Will there ever be a street child? Children play in the street where they live. But you’re not going to take us to a game. Before the game, we were taught the separation. In an effort to cling on, we reach out. Yet you can’t wrap because you’re cold. We halt, and you don’t look. we die. Not you. When we are born, you discard it. We continually spend money. You would assume that he assaulted us. But we are deficient. I turned into a killer. I turned into a killer. Saleh. Stupid, what did you do? The mother of the infant was unintentionally defending her child against you.

Yet you can’t wrap because you’re cold.
Give me that baby, Sabit, and get out of here. Look at me and hand me that infant. Give me that child and that infant. Give that baby to me! Give that baby to me. Ahmet, please give me that child. Break away! Let’s go. Break away! Ali! Episode 5 of Ates Kuslari with quick urdu subtitles. Come on, please. swiftly, swiftly. Quickly, please. Let’s go. Black, just Black. Let’s go. Please, Black. Still. Mine. Mine. Right, yours. Go to the other side and give me the baby. Come on, I’ll give it back. Come on in. Ali! Come on, please. Please, Mercan. Fast. Coral! Come on, Ali! Come on, quick. Let’s go. Leave.

The girl arrived and slept under a small cover in the freezing cold!
How about you, now that I’ve acquired the girl? The girl is mine. Ali! How will you proceed? Let it go! Hey, Ali! Remove yourself. Do not be late. Fast. Bring the infant. Come on in. Come on in. Leave. Come here from wherever you are heading. Remove yourself. Please come here. Come here, where are you going. Lie down. Please move on. Let’s go. Episode 5 of Ates Kuslari with Urdu subtitles You can’t get away from me; come here. I’ll locate you. If I can’t locate you, Ayaz will do so. Like a girl who was frozen to that mat, you’re all going to perish. Mercan, come on in. Coral, the plague is on your neck.

Mercan that the pressure from the walls and ceilings had subsided!
To what? He said, “Here, gone.” Is this it? Didn’t Virgo make any comments? No, he put one in my mouth first. It was put in my mouth first. The walls and ceilings were no longer pressing, he informed Mercan. You didn’t know the girl came and slept in the frost with a small blanket, she remarked. After that, he spoke whatever came to mind. He painted the plaster, made me feel on edge, and then got up and departed. Why did he dress me in the coat? to maintain a chilly conscience? You are Cano. Hop. Liver was eaten by the cat. There is no bread for individuals who stay home from work because they are ill.

Ates Kuslari Episode 7 Urdu Subtitles full HD

Ates Kuslari Episode 7 English Subtitles full HD

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