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Assassination attack on a woman who made serious allegations against Babar Azam

Hamza Mukhtar, a woman who made serious allegations against national team captain Babar Azam, including sexual relations, was allegedly assassinated in Lahore, but she survived.

Two suspects on motorcycles opened fire on the woman’s car Sunday night as she was returning home from private work.

The assailants on a motorcycle fired four shots at her car, but she escaped unhurt.

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Hamza Mukhtar said that she had come to Kana for property work and on her return some accused started chasing her.

She said that as soon as the accused approached them and pulled out a pistol, they increased the speed of their vehicle on which the assailants opened fire but they remained safe as they bent down.

Hamza Mukhtar said that after that she was not known and other people and police gathered around him.

“I have been receiving threats for many days and I have also complained to the police that I am receiving threatening phone calls and messages,” she said.

The woman appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to look into her case and provide her with protection as her life is in grave danger.

The woman also lodged an online complaint against the attack at the Kahna police station yesterday, alleging that an attempt was made to kill her.

It may be recalled that during a press conference last week, the woman had leveled serious allegations against Babar Azam, including sexual relations.

The woman had then filed a separate petition in the court alleging that the family of national cricketer Babar Azam was harassing and threatening her.

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The court ruled on Saturday that Babar Azam and his family had been barred from harassing Hamza Mukhtar.

It may be recalled that Hamza Mukhtar, a woman who had leveled serious allegations against Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam, had filed a petition in the Sessions Court seeking registration of the case.

A woman named Hamza Mukhtar had made CCPO Lahore a party in the petition saying that accused Babar had sexually assaulted her under the pretext of marriage since 2012 and during that time she also became pregnant and later aborted on the accused’s behalf. Also got pregnant.

He had said that an attempt was made to register an FIR with the police against the accused but the police did not register any complaint in this regard.

The petition requested Naseerabad police station to register a case against Babar Azam.

Earlier last week, the woman told a press conference that Babar Azam had proposed to her in 2010, which she accepted. “We had decided to get married, so we informed our families, but both families Babar Azam and I decided to court marriage.

Continuing, he said that in 2011 Babar Azam chased me away from my house on the pretext of court marriage and we stayed in rented houses in different places.

The woman said that despite her insistence, Babar Azam did not marry her and claimed that along with her job before 2014, she opened her own salon to support the cricketers.

Hamza claimed that when Babar Azam’s name came up in the Pakistani cricket team in 2014, his attitude started to change slowly. I got pregnant in 2016 when I told Babar Azam that his attitude was very strange. Done, I was beaten and I was forced to have an abortion at his insistence.

He added, “Eventually, in 2017, I lodged a police report against Babar Azam and the investigating officer asked him to produce Babar Azam, but he did not appear, but that night Babar Azam called the officer.” Our conditional agreement was signed in front of the BJP, in which it was stipulated that Babar would marry me.

“Ten days ago, I lodged another complaint against him. On November 20, Babar Azam had called me before going abroad and told me that if you went to the police or demanded marriage now, you would die,” he said. You go and you don’t even know what I’m going to do with you. “

“After 10 years of extreme abuse, I am now here for justice,” Hamza said.

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