Are children playing a role in spreading the corona virus?

Symptoms of the new nasal corona virus are very rare in children, and cases can be very difficult to diagnose in adults.

This was revealed in a new medical study in China.

Research in 36 cases of children in the eastern province of Zhejiang revealed that 10 cases showed no symptoms, while 7 had mild respiratory symptoms.

The results of this study were published in the journal The Lancet Infections.

The same was true in the results of the research published this month in the journal The New Zealand Journal of Medicine.

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A study on 171 children with Cod 19 in Wuhan discovered that in 15% of cases, symptoms did not appear or had no immediate symptoms.

12% showed pneumonia on medical scans but no infection symptoms.

Scientists involved in a new study in Xinjiang say that the absence of such a large number of symptoms in children indicates that they are not easy to diagnose, which can also lead to dangerous conditions as they spread the virus further. Can spread.

China announced last week that it had stopped the spread of the virus locally, and now new cases have emerged among people who have returned from overseas.

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This new research from Canadian-based experts indicates the potential role of children in the spread of the virus.

He said that the most important thing that comes from the results of the study is that children are suspected of the virus, but often they are not very ill, which makes it possible for them to spread the virus. I become a facilitator.

The study assessed children aged one to 16, who fell ill from mid-January to the end of February.

Researchers discovered that about half of the cases were mild, while the rest were mild, all of which recovered after being hospitalized.

Unlike adult patients, the symptoms were less severe in children, such as fever, cough and pneumonia, and according to researchers, the new virus does not have much effect on children’s upper respiratory tract, the infectious virus remains hidden in children. ۔

According to a study by the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in the United States, the prevalence of SARS in China in 2003 was dramatically lower than that of adults, and severe symptoms were even higher among children under 13 years of age. Were less reported than in patients with

And this is possible because according to the principles of biology, children are less likely to become infected with the nasal corona virus than adults, which is because children’s cells are not very good hosts for the virus and the corona virus It becomes difficult for people to imitate and move on to other people.

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Researchers added that children may also be infected with the virus, but their symptoms are more likely to be not severe than in adults, which may make them less in need of medical care.

“This behavior is also reflected in other virulent diseases, because evolutionally we are designed to be affected by such conditions and as we grow up, the immune system expands,” he said.

For example, many children are infected with influenza virus during the seasonal flu in the United States, but the disease has a much lower infant mortality rate than adults.

Clinicians believe that the child’s environment is likely to provide support in this regard, meaning that children may be more likely to suffer from coronary viruses than adults, which may create a certain immune system within them. But they do not last a lifetime.

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He said that most children are healthier than adults and recover from the disease sooner, while the vaccination process is also up-to-date in children.

Life routines help keep people healthy, such as good hand hygiene, he said, and it is important to take care of a healthy diet, no matter what the virus, but good habits can keep healthy. ۔

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