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Another readily available drug potentially useful against code 19

Diabetics around the world, including in Pakistan, have been told that a cheap drug called glucophage, or metformin in some countries, is ‘miraculous’ because it is thought to slow down the aging process, but it has now been discovered that It can also play a role in preventing the worst effects of the corona virus.

This was revealed in a medical study conducted in the United States.

A pre-printed study from the University of Minnesota (a study not published in a medical journal) found that the drug, which is readily available everywhere, could help prevent the effects of the corona virus.

This is one of the few major observational studies on the risk factors for corona virus, which found that obesity and diabetes are the two leading causes of death from code 19.

But at the same time, it was found that the risk of dying from corona virus with glucofage can be reduced by 21 to 24% in patients who are already using the drug to control their diabetes and blood sugar levels. Are

The researchers said that people should not consider this drug as a cure for the virus, but the results could open new avenues for controlling infectious diseases such as code 19.

He said the drug could potentially be helpful for patients with code 19 because it reduces the body’s immune response while reducing inflammation.

In some cases of the coronavirus, a highly active immune system can cause death.

Past research reports have suggested that the use of glucophage may also help in weight loss on a long-term basis.

A study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine in April 2019 found that the drug helped people lose weight on a long-term basis.

The drug is commonly used in people with high blood sugar and diabetes, but it can also help patients lose weight.

The new study looked at more than 6,000 people who had diabetes or obesity and were hospitalized as a result of Code 19.

The researchers found that the number of deaths from the epidemic was reduced in women who were prescribed diabetes medication.

Considering other risk factors, it was estimated that the use of this drug could reduce the risk of death from code 19 by 21 to 24 percent, but this relationship was not observed in men.

“We already know that this drug affects men and women in different ways. In a study to prevent diabetes, we found that it can cause CRP (inflammation),” the researchers said. The level of a protein) is twice as low in women as in men.

The drug also lowers the level of the TNF alpha, a protein that causes inflammation in patients with code 19, which makes the condition worse, especially in women who have lower levels than men.

The researchers said the drug was safe, affordable and readily available, and could prove to be a real cure for Kodak 19 if it was found to be effective in large trials.

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