Another possible sign of the new Novel Corona virus discovered

In the UK, a medical study in the past said that sudden sensation of smell or taste could be a sign of corona virus spreading worldwide.

And now the American Academy of Ophthalmology has said that the conjunctivitis may also be a sign of the new disease caused by the new Novel Corona virus.

On March 31, the American Academy of Ophthalmology issued a note stating that a mild case of conjunctivitis in someone may be indicative of code 19.

The notice was issued when two recent research reports and a separate report stated that conjunctivitis could also be a symptom of code 19.

A study was published in the Journal of Virology, which after reviewing 30 Chinese patients, discovered that one patient had a teardrop, while the other 29 had corona virus detected in the eyes.

The second research journal was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which included 11 hundred patients, and 9 had the problem of conjunctivitis.

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Be aware that the corona virus can enter the body through the eyes and this is why the World Health Organization recommends not to touch the eyes with the nose and mouth, especially before washing hands should be avoided. ۔

This is why some doctors do not use contact lenses in the present situation, but prefer the glasses so that the eyes do not need to be touched unnecessarily.

In his note, the American Academy also cited a nurse at Washington’s care center, who said he saw tinnitus or eyelid as an early sign in Cody 19’s elderly patients.

According to the academy, eye doctors need to be cautious in this regard, as fever, cough and difficulty breathing can also be a sign of this pandemic virus.

It should be noted that these findings are preliminary, and in research reports, asthma was sometimes described as a more frequent symptom than other common symptoms.

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Earlier, a Royal College of Surgeons of England study in March said that the smell of smell is already linked to viruses because 40% of such cases are reported after a viral infection.

According to the research, the increase in data from Cod 19 patients in several countries provides a strong indication that most patients also suffer from sensation of smell during the symptoms of the disease.

In fact, it can often be the first symptom to appear, which is said to be the first and most common symptom.

Evidence further revealed that in addition to smelling, deprivation of taste sensation was seen in people who did not show any other symptoms of Cod19 but the virus was diagnosed.

Researchers have suggested that the sensation of smelling and tasting should also be made part of the Cod 19 screening symptom list, as other problems with the respiratory system may appear without symptoms.

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The study further states that such cases have been reported in Iran, the United States, France and northern Italy.

Researchers said that they examined a few days ago 4 patients under the age of 40, with no other symptoms, but suddenly lost their sense of smell.

“We think these patients are silently spreading the virus,” he said.

British research says that if people suddenly lose their senses of smell or taste, but do not see any other symptoms, they should isolate themselves for 7 days so that other people can avoid the virus.

World Health Organization in February detailed the symptoms of Code 19 after analyzing more than 55,000 cases in China.

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The following are the most common symptoms and rates in patients:

Fever 88%

Dry cough 68%

Fatigue 38%

33% with sputum cough or thick mucus

19% difficulty breathing

Bone or joint problems 15%

Throat swelling 14%

Headache 14%

Frostbite 11%

Vomiting or nausea 5%

Nose closure 5%

Cholera 4%

One percent blood cough

One percent swelling of eyes.

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