Another corona vaccine has been shown to be effective in monkeys

Leading company Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine has been shown to be effective in monkeys and is now being tested on humans.

The medical journal Journal Nature published the results of research on the vaccine into monkeys, and researchers discovered that its use protected a group of monkeys from the new corona virus.

In addition to the monkeys undergoing the vaccination process, monkeys who were not vaccinated were also deliberately infected with the virus.

The results showed that the vaccinated monkeys did not get sick, but the other group was diagnosed with code 19.

Earlier, another US company, Modrina, had adopted a similar strategy to test its vaccine, and the results of its vaccine in monkeys were encouraging.

However, with regard to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, scientists say that unlike other vaccines, the vaccine, dubbed Ed 26, may be effective in a single dose instead of 2.

According to the researchers, a single dose of the vaccine caused a virus-inducing antibody reaction in monkeys.

He added that the data would help further the foundation of the clinical trial.

The first two phases of the vaccine are being tested in the United States and Belgium this week.

The volunteers involved in the trial will be tested for the safety of the vaccine, while their blood samples will be used to analyze the extent to which the immune system has reacted to the vaccine.

If all goes well, a large-scale third-phase trial will begin in September, according to the company, which will be the real test of the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Johnson & Johnson is one of the few companies to be funded by the US government to develop vaccines.

Many vaccines are currently undergoing a third phase of testing on humans, but experts say more than one successful vaccine will be needed to completely control the code 19 virus worldwide.

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