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Another actress of Ertugrul Ghazi, Borjo Caratl, expressed her desire to come to Pakistan

After Halima Sultan, another actress of Turkish drama serial “Ertugrul Ghazi”, Borjo Caratl, who has played the role of Gokji in the play, expressed her desire to come to Pakistan.

In an exclusive interview with The Independent Urdu, Bourgeois Caratl said in response to his love for Pakistan for “Artagharul Ghazi” and the drama, “I love you as much as you love this series.” Seeing this, I want to come to Pakistan as soon as possible and meet my fans.

Asked how the drama serial “Ertugrul Ghazi” could further improve relations between Pakistan and Turkey, Bourgeois Caratel said, “I am convinced that this drama has already served its purpose (between Pakistan and Turkey).” Good relations) and it is an honor for us.

Commenting on the worldwide popularity of the play, Bourgeois Caratel said that the Ertugrul series was a teamwork and he felt very good that the play was liked in Pakistan. He added that from the beginning he thought that the Ertugrul series would reach every corner of the world due to the tireless work and love of the characters.

In the Ertugrul series, the bourgeoisie plays a woman named Gokji. In the series, she marries Toktomin, the son of an Igho chief, but later with Gokji Suleiman Shah and Suleiman Shah’s uncle, who rebelled and betrayed the Kai tribe. Are found.

It should be noted that earlier the main actress of the play Asri Baljak (Halima Sultan) has also expressed her desire to come to Pakistan and meet her fans, inspired by the love of Pakistanis. In addition, the play’s hero engine Altana Doziyatan (Ertugrul Ghazi) is so impressed with the love of Pakistanis that he not only expressed his desire to come to Pakistan but also sent a loving message to Pakistanis in Urdu on many occasions, including Eid.

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