Amazing success in transforming rats’ spleen into liver

Beijing: The liver, be it human or animal, is the body’s most complex chemical plant, producing the most important chemical components for the whole body. Therefore, only the liver can be an alternative to the liver. But some changes can be made in the spleen through genetic engineering to produce liver-like properties.

One of the reasons is that people can live without spleen, but it is impossible to live without liver. Now Chinese experts have devised a successful method of converting the spleen of mice into liver.

There are currently millions or perhaps millions of people around the world waiting for a liver donation and the number of donors is very low. That’s why patients wait for the liver to heal in the next world.

Laboratories around the world are working on partially or completely preparing the liver or its cells, but due to the complexity it has not been successful so far. Instead, experts have decided to test the nature of the spleen.

Lai Dong, a professor at Nanjing University in China, and his colleagues noted that the spleen contains complex blood vessels and systems, and that this organ could be converted into a liver. For this, the mucous membranes of mice were enlarged in some biological way to make new tissues. Then several types of liver cells were inserted into the spleen and began to grow there.

Over the next 8 weeks, liver cells began to form in the spleen and took on the shape of a liver. In this way the bile duct (bile duct) also became. In addition, many liver cells began to form tissue. In the next step, 90% of the liver of many mice will be removed and a spleen liver will be implanted in them.

All the rats with spleen liver survived and the others died within two days. The results are astonishing.

Professor Lai Dong insists that after experiments on mice, the method may now be useful to humans. He insists that the spleen can be given the properties of the liver first within the human body.

However, some critics have suggested that the liver’s main function is to clear toxins from the blood, but mice did not have this ability. And if a person does not have this arrangement, he will die in a few days. The same experts have called for more research.

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