AIDS drug scientist kills by corona

Gita Ramji, a 64-year-old South African scientist who played a leading role in the elimination of the deadly pandemic human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) worldwide, and especially in Africa, also died after symptoms such as the Corona virus.

Geeta Ram ji played an important role in the eradication of HIV and AIDS in Africa, while also helping to prepare for this deadly disease.

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Gita Ram Ji, in particular, served to end AIDS in Africa, as well as to improve the social life of HIV-infected women in the sub-continent.

He was regarded as one of the most renowned experts in HIV planning and was awarded honorary degrees by US and UK universities and academics for his services.

The United Nations AIDS-affiliated agency expressed deep sadness and regret over the sudden death of a renowned specialist after suffering symptoms such as the Corona virus, and paid tribute to his services.

United AIDS reported that 64-year-old Geeta Ram ji was undergoing treatment on March 31 but she will always be remembered for her services.

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Dr. Gita Ram Ji was apparently healthy - Photo: Gita Ram Ji Facebook

Dr. Gita Ram Ji was apparently healthy – Photo: Gita Ram Ji Facebook

In this regard, British Broadcasting BBC reported that 64-year-old Geeta Ramji had recently visited the UK and had attended a medical seminar.

After attending the medical seminar, Gita Ram Ji’s condition deteriorated and she was admitted to the hospital and she also had symptoms like corona.

The report did not confirm that his death was due to Corona, though it was reported that he had similar symptoms.

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Dr. Gita Ramji, on her death, paid tribute to her fellow doctors and expressed regret over her death and told that after working with Dr. Corona, a woman working to stop the spread of HIV. Disputes of life were lost.

He died in a hospital in the southern African city of Durban.

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