After the Prime Minister, the British Secretary of State also suffers from Corona

The Member Parliament and the State Health Secretary also became victims of the Corona virus, after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Europe’s most important European country affected by corona.

Prior to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Secretary of State Health, British Deputy Minister of Health 62-year-old Nyden Doris also suffered from Corona on March 11, and all three key government officials are now in Quarantina.

It is already being feared that many politicians and government officials are likely to suffer from Corona after Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as the Prime Minister has met several people over the past several days.

It is also being feared that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s girlfriend, 32-year-old Kerry Symonds, may also be a victim of Corona, since she was living with the Prime Minister, but immediately the British Prime Minister House There was no statement on whether or not to test them.

Boris Johnson also confirmed via a tweet video on the afternoon of March 27 that he had tested positive for Corona, after which he had quarantined himself and was still healthy.

Boris Johnson is the world's first Prime Minister to fall prey to Corona - Photo: Twitter

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also reaffirmed his commitment to serve the Prime Minister’s Office from Quarantine.

Hours after the Prime Minister, the most important politician, Member of Parliament and State Health Secretary Matt Enoch also shared in a video shared via Twitter that he too had fallen victim to Corona.

State Secretary Matt Enoch said in his short video that he had found some signs of Corona after which he was advised to take the test and his test came back positive.

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Member of Parliament and State Secretary Matt Enoch said in a short video that he had quarantined himself before the test and would now work from home.

In his video, the State Health Secretary also suggested that other people work from home in the wake of the outbreak of the outbreak and told that they too would run all the affairs from home.

It is to be noted that in addition to British politicians and important government officials, major government officials from other countries have also been victims of Corona.

UK Deputy Minister of Health Naden Doris also suffers from Corona - Photo: Shutterstock

Although the condition of almost all politicians and government officials suffering from the Corona virus is out of danger, many politicians, members of the Assembly and government officials are reported to be in Corona, and news is likely to improve. Has been

Many countries around the world, including Britain, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Iran, the United States, India and Pakistan, have implemented partial or complete lockdowns in view of the Corona virus, while there are all religious, business and public events. Has been canceled.

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At least 3 billion people are currently barred from homes due to restrictions, partial or complete lockdowns in 176 countries around the world, however, Corona cases have quickly emerged from around the world. Are.

From the 176 countries of the world, on the evening of March 27, the number of Corona patients increased to more than 5 million 58 thousand and the number of casualties increased to 25 thousand 250.

As of the evening of March 27, the United States was ranked first with more than 86,000 patients, with Italy ranked second with 80,000 patients, and Italy with 8 thousand 215 in deaths.

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