Actor of PTV Memorial Drama Guest House Tariq Malik has passed away

The drama guest house, which aired on Pakistan Television’s Islamabad Center in the 1990s, had a record of popularity and its characters are still alive in people’s minds.

By the way, Afzal Khan got more fame whose role Rambo settled in the hearts of all and even today he is known as Rambo but people also liked Tariq Malik who played the role of waiter Murad very much.

Tariq Malik died of a heart attack and it is being said on social media that he was diagnosed with corona virus a week ago but died due to cardiac arrest.

Actor Afzal Khan wrote in an Instagram post, “My fellow guest house artist Tariq Malik has passed away.”

Tariq Malik from Rawalpindi continued to work in radio, stage and television and gained fame in 1991 as a guest house.

Apart from this, he also wants to go for the voice of Bawaji in Radio Pakistan’s program Jamhoor Ni Awaaz.

Some time ago, he worked in a Pothohari language program, Bawe Ni Chigi, which is also available on the YouTube channel of the same name.

It is to be noted that Guest House is another drama of PTV which had set new records of popularity in its time in which the problems faced by the passengers were presented in a light-hearted manner.

One of Murad’s dialogues in the play ‘Tip Tip Karta Mein Kamre Mein Aata’ was also very popular.

The play was directed by Rauf Khalid, to whose credit are also the most popular plays like Log, Angar Wadi.

Qaiser Farooq, Mohammad Nisar and Shakir Uzair wrote different episodes while Afzal Khan and Tariq Malik along with Khalid Hafeez and Sarwat Gilani also appeared in important roles

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