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A specific blood group increases the risk of code 19 in people, research says

The spread of the new novel coronavirus in the world has exceeded the expectations of scientists and they are constantly trying to find out what are the factors that are causing a rapid increase in the rate of code 19.

Scientists now claim that a specific blood group also causes a significant increase in the severity of the disease caused by the virus.

The study, by scientists from Germany and Norway, has not yet been published in a medical journal but has been published online, stating that people with a specific blood group are at higher risk for the disease.

The results of the study were published on the website medRxiv, where most scientists publish their findings during the process of publishing them in a journal.

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Research has shown that people with A blood group may have a higher risk of developing the most serious form of corona virus.

The study identified two sites in the human genome that increase the risk of respiratory failure in people with COD 19, one of which was in the gene that determines blood type.

Research has shown that people with A blood group who have code 19 may be more likely to need oxygen or a ventilator.

However, Andre Frank, a professor of molecular medicine at the University of Kyle in Germany, who was involved in the study, said that it was not necessary for a blood group to determine a person’s illness.

“Until now, we have not been able to differentiate between blood groups or certain genetic factors linked to blood group,” he said. Individuals are 50 percent more secure and those in Group A are 50 percent more at risk.

The researchers collected blood samples from 1610 patients undergoing treatment in hospitals in Italy and Spain who needed oxygen or a ventilator. The DNA was collected from blood samples and scanned using a technique called genotyping. went.

He was later compared to 2205 people who did not fall victim to Code 19.

The researchers also analyzed the DNA of Code 19 patients to determine if they had any genetic code in common.

Earlier, separate research reports from China and the United States found that people with A-blood group had a higher risk of developing the disease than those with O-group.

Researchers also found that people with A-blood group had a higher risk of developing the disease during SARS (a corona virus that is thought to be very close to code 19) that spread between 2002 and 2003.

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But researchers are still unsure why this connection exists.

Professor Andre Frank told the New York Times that he could only speculate about the reason, “the fact is that it scares me.”

“Where blood group genes are present, there is DNA that acts as an on-off switch for a gene that works to make a protein that strongly stimulates the immune system,” he said. does.

In some patients with the corona virus, the immune system becomes too active, causing too much inflammation and damage to the lungs, and it is thought that genetic factors may be involved in the reaction.

The researchers said that the second place is a stronger link than the code 19 of chromosome 3, but this place is home to 6 genes and it is not yet possible to say which of these genes affects code 19.

Scientists have already shown that some factors, such as age and pre-existing disease, increase the risk of developing code 19, but now the role of the first genes has been highlighted.

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