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A snake piercing the body of a prey with spear-like teeth

Nepal: One of the most terrifying snakes in the world is the unique snake called Kakri which penetrates its enemy and eats its intestines and other organs and chews it.

Nepal’s Gurkha soldiers used to have spear-shaped curved daggers called kakri and hence this snake is called kakri snake. The snake’s approach is so terrifying and astonishing that it bites the prey’s body with its sharp teeth, penetrates it and eats it from within.

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Although the scene has rarely been filmed, experts have released two photos, one showing the snake crawling on the body of its coveted prey, a large frog, and the other attacking the frog. Is. Interestingly, even the snakes of this snake break eggs with their pointed teeth.

According to a report published in the scientific journal Herpetizova, this snake is very clever and pierces the venomous frog by attacking it from the right or left side instead of preying on it. Sometimes the wound is removed and the victim’s blood continues to flow, but there is another strange method in which it penetrates the victim and quickly cuts its intestines and other organs. The victim dies immediately from this process, which later becomes the object of his invitation. During the hunt, he inserts his entire head into her body.

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Some experts believe that he likes the frog’s internal organs such as intestines and heart and kidneys and it preys on them and leaves the rest of the body half-chewed. In contrast, other types of snakes have been shown to be good at swallowing their prey.

Sometimes there are terrible battles to control the frog in which sometimes the frog and sometimes the snake win.

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