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A century-old attempt to defeat the Corona virus

The new Novel Corona virus-cured disease will prevent the blood of cured 19 from treating critically ill patients, as well as others.

This was revealed in a US medical study.

Scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine are currently awaiting government approval to test the blood plasma of patients who have defeated the disease to see how it helps improve the immune system.

This method was used during the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918, before vaccine or antiviral drugs were available.

This procedure is based on the fact that in the blood of healthy patients, the blood contains powerful antibodies that are trained to fight the virus.

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Be aware that there is currently no cure for the new nasal corona virus, while the availability of the vaccine may not be possible until the end of this year or the first half of next year.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Henderson, Associate Professor at the University of Washington, the use of serum from the blood of recently recovered patients may seem old-fashioned, but historically it has been useful.

“By using it we have been able to prevent and treat virus infections such as measles, polio and influenza, but once the vaccine is developed, this technique has been forgotten,” he added.

“As long as Cod 19 produces specific drugs and vaccines, this method will help save lives,” he said.

Doctors did not have any treatment during the Spanish flu outbreak, so they helped many people recover by using blood serum to recover patients.

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Blood plasma and serum are made of transparent blood fluid and both are equipped with antibodies, but plasma contains some other helpful proteins that are not present in the serum.

This method was used empirically to treat the SARS corona virus epidemic in 2002 and 2003.

The SARS virus is said to be similar to the new Corona virus, but it is also called SARS Corona virus 2.

During the SARS epidemic, a study found that patients who were given blood plasma returned to health faster than others.

Prior to Washington University, Johns Popkins University and Mayo Clinic also started trials on this method with regard to Cod 19.

His recommendations were submitted March 18 to the Food and Drug Administration of the United States and he is awaiting permission to try them on humans.

Dr. Jeffrey Anderson said that this is a step that needs to be done immediately, faster than drug preparation, because it will simply require plasma donation and transplantation.

He said, “As soon as a person is cured, he will be a potential donor to us, and we can use the Bloodbank system to obtain plasma and distribute it to patients in need.” If this method works, it will provide a lifeline in the early stages of this outbreak. ‘

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The research team is now about to request a blood donation from healthy patients, from which the haloesma will be isolated and transplanted into the sick after screening for toxic materials and viruses.

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