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A brain chip that processes two billion images per second

Pennsylvania: Scientists have developed for the first time a powerful optical chip that works exactly like the brain, which can process two billion images in one second.

Experts at the University of Pennsylvania have developed this electrical chip in the style of a neural network that works in a traditional way and does not slow down in any way. Its system is built on the exact brain and nervous system. The nodes in it are connected like brain cells or neurons.

The other important thing is that they keep learning and improving their performance like a neural network. That is, they learn by looking at a data set of pictures or word combinations, and the processing gets better and better over time.
Now the most important thing is that instead of an electrical signal inside the chip, light is seen moving from one place to another, which is why it has been named as optical chip.

Experimentally a chip of 9.3 square mm was made. In the first stage, he was asked to identify handwritten letters that matched the alphabet. After training on the data sets, they were classified by chip, which identified both types with 93% accuracy.

It takes the chip only 0.57 nanoseconds to identify each image, meaning that the chip can process up to two billion images per second. The soul of this amazing technology is Feroz Platoni who said that chip works on the beams of light.

Another important aspect of a chip is that it does not store information part-time, which is usually done via RAM. This saves time and energy. That is why there is no memory in this chip and this process is very secure in a way.

The next step will be further experiments on the neural chip.

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