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68-year-old Nigerian woman gives birth to twins

A 68-year-old Nigerian woman has given birth to twins. According to the report of the American broadcaster CNN, after 4 times of IVF treatment, the woman gave birth to a son and a daughter.

The report added that Margaret Adinga had undergone IVF three times in the past but failed, but the fourth time was successful and she and her 77-year-old husband, Noah Adinga, were happy to have twins.

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Noah Adinuga told CNN that he and Margaret were married in 1974 and had always wanted to have children of their own.

He added that the two did not give up even after the failure of the IVF process.

“I dream a lot and I was sure that one day our dream would come true,” she said.

According to the report, the children were born through an operation.

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Doctors told the media that Margaret’s birth at this age was astonishing.

It may be recalled that a 73-year-old woman from India had given birth to twins last year after undergoing IVF.

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