50 relatives and friends of singer Salman Ahmed are victims of Corona

Leading singer and musician Salman Ahmed has revealed that 50 of his relatives, family and friends also fell victim to Corona.

He also became the first showbiz and music personality of Salman Ahmed Malik who was first corona in early April.

Salman Ahmed had Corona when he was in the United States and Corona was on the rise in America at that time.

Salman Ahmed had quarantined himself after diagnosing Corona and when he was re-tested 2 weeks later, he came back negative.

Salman Ahmed had defeated Corona in the last days of April and after that the singers were seen telling the public about the precautionary measures against Corona.

But now he has revealed that 50 of his relatives, family and friends were also affected by the epidemic in Corona, most of whom are now healthy.

Salman Ahmed shared his picture in a tweet and revealed that 46 of his 50 close relatives and friends who had contracted corona have recovered.

The singer said that due to timely precautions, social distance from each other, use of face masks and sanitizers, he and 46 other close relatives and friends of Corona were able to defeat the epidemic.

In his tweet, the singer wore a face mask and instructed fans to be as careful as possible to avoid and defeat Corona.

Salman Ahmed did not specify who his 50 close relatives and friends were among those affected by the corona, but said 46 of his close relatives had recovered from the outbreak.

It should be noted that more than a dozen personalities of the Pakistani showbiz industry have also recovered from the Corona affliction.

Other actresses including senior actress Rubina Ashraf, Yasir Nawaz, Nada Yasir, Naveed Raza, Abrar-ul-Haq, Wasi Chaudhry, Shafaat Ali and singer Bilal Maqsood were diagnosed with corona.

However, all the persons recovered after staying in quarantine for 2 to 3 weeks.

By noon on June 28, the total number of corona cases in Pakistan had reached more than 200,000, while the death toll had reached 4,118.

By the afternoon of June 28, the number of Corona cases worldwide had reached 10 million, while the death toll had reached 498,000

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