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3 more Kashmiri youths martyred in Indian Army state terrorism

Srinagar: Three more Kashmiri youths were martyred during the so-called search operation in Indian Army’s aggression in occupied Kashmir.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Indian Army and police conducted a search operation in Islamabad district of Occupied Kashmir by closing the entrances and exits, during which house-to-house searches were conducted. Women, children and the elderly were harassed.

Occupying Indian Army shot dead three unarmed Kashmiri youths during a so-called search operation. The aggressive Indian army refused to hand over the bodies of the youths to their families, which provoked strong protests from families and residents of the area.
The pro-India puppet administration tried to prove the martyred youth as terrorists by showing traditional stubbornness but the family and the residents of the area exposed the lie.

It should be noted that the number of martyrs killed in Indian Army firing in occupied Kashmir this month has risen to 25 while curfew is still in force in many areas and basic human rights including internet service are suspended.

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